Red Nose Day!


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Today we celebrated Red Nose Day!  A cause near and dear to my heart.  The Kids enjoyed a quick video of kids explaining what Red Nose Day is all about.  They learned that Red Nose Day is about helping everyone get the things they need.  When you purchase a Red Nose you help donate to those in need.  To date this amazing charity has raised over $1 billion globally.  Hope your little Kinders enjoyed the silly Red Nose today.

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Weekly Update…


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May 15 – 19

Popcorn Words:  Today, play, away.

Math:  We are wrapping up our Unit 5 Math concepts.  This week we explored identifying the difference between numbers.  We found numbers the were greater than, less than and equal to each other.  The Kindergarteners have also discovered objects that are heavier and lighter, taller and shorter and longer and shorter.  We will be taking our Unit 5 test on Wednesday.

Readers Workshop:  It has been so amazing to see your child grow as a reader!  We have been practicing our reading by reading with our reading buddies back to back, working on our stamina.  It is so awesome to see them enjoy celebrating being readers this month.  They LOVED our flashlight Friday!

Writers Workshop:  We have continued our Opinion writing this week.  Exploring our favorite special, our favorite pet and even imagining what animal nose would be fun to have.  The Kindergarteners will be wrapping up their Opinion writing experience with completing an “on demand” piece this next week.  They will need to be able to demonstrate their opinion on a topic, give two reasons why and then wrap up the end with a concluding sentence.  An example of opinion writing would be:  I like gym the best because I like to run.  I also like to play outside in gym.  I hope you get to go to gym too.  It’s the best!

Science:  We have wrapped up our study of Living and Non-living things in Science.  The Kindergarteners did a GREAT job of demonstrating that they understand what a living thing needs (air, space, shelter, food and sunlight).  The Kindergarteners LOVED “eating a plant” on Friday!  We will continue to explore fun science concepts for the remainder of our year with some exciting experiments.

Social Studies:  Next week we will dive into our study of U.S. Symbols.  We will explore the many symbols of the U.S. (Liberty Bell, American flag, Bald Eagle and The Statue of Liberty).

Mystery Readers:

  • Ava was so excited to see her Mom walk through the door as our Mystery Reader!!  Mrs. Holy read us If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON’T by Elise Parsley.  A VERY FUNNY story about Magnolia who had an idea to bring an Alligator for show and tell.  Eventually learning that Alligators are not a good thing to bring for show and tell.  We loved having Mrs. Holy visit!  Thank you for being our Mystery Reader Mrs. Holy!!  I am currently trying to upload Mrs. Holy’s visit and photos….please standby : /  


  • Ty was so surprised to see his Mimi walk through the door as our Mystery Reader.  Mimi read us the book that her friend wrote What Month Is It? by Sandy Parker.  We thought it was so cool that she knows the author!!  Ty held a calendar to show us each month as his Mimi read us the book.  We also listened to the book The Berenstain Bears:  Go Out For The Team by Stan Berenstain A great story about trying your best no matter what the outcome.

Kindergarten Olympics:  Thank you so much for the awesome turnout of volunteers for our upcoming Kindergarten Olympics.  I will be contacting you soon to give you further details.

Homework:  This week will be the last week of homework.  Please continue to read daily with your child and practice sight words.  Thank you for all of your effort and support in helping your child with homework all year long!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 22…ART, Elena’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Tuesday, May 23…STEAM, LIBRARY.
  • Wednesday, May 24…GYM.
  • Thursday, May 25…MUSIC.
  • Friday, May 26…ART.  Wear Red, White and Blue Day!  Carson’s B-Day!
  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day!
  • Thursday, June 1…Cruz’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Friday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympics.
  • Saturday, June 3…Ty’s B-Day!
  • Wednesday, June 7…Savannah’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Thursday, June 8…Evie’s Summer B-Day Celebration
  • Friday, June 9…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.
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Flashlight Friday Tomorrow…


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Tomorrow, Friday, May 19 we will celebrate the AMAZING READERS we have become with…. FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY!!!! We will turn off the lights and read by flashlight! Please send a flashlight or two (if you have extras for friends to borrow) with your child tomorrow, marked with their name! I will bring a few extras for those who forgot! We will bring the flashlights home tomorrow! 

Today was the final day for take home books! Thanks so much to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to read with us every week. This helped us as readers greatly!  Thank you for all your time! Wow!! We have all grown so much as readers!! It has been so fun to re-assess their levels this week! So many of us have jumped up! So proud of my readers 🙂 Keep reading at home every night! 

Also, continue to work on those Friends and Acquaintances (F/A pockets) sight words! I am in the process of re-assessing sight words.  No need to send the F/A pockets back to school anymore.   We will celebrate with a fun rainbow run and earning our gold soon!!! Keep practicing! 

Thanks!  Can’t wait for a fun flashlight Friday tomorrow!!! 

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Weekly Update


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May 8 – 12

Happy Mother’s Day:  The Kindergartners worked so hard on their gifts for Mom!!  They took such special care about just how they wanted their gifts to look.  Choosing just the right colors and words.  We hope you enjoy your special gift!!  Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  Thank you so much for sharing your treasure with me!!  

Popcorn Words:  my, by, one.

Math:  We are continuing to work on Unit 5 in Math.  This week we practiced our Math objectives during Math Games.  We played games like link up teen numbers, greater than and less than and missing partners. We are almost finished with Unit 5, we will take our test soon.

Writers Workshop:  We have worked on knowing what an opinion is and how we all have our own. Reading many different Opinion related books and then making our own opinion on different topics.  We have talked about our favorite color, favorite lunch, and favorite recess activity.  It has been so fun to see the Kindergartners explore opinions and embrace each others difference of opinions.

Readers Workshop:  This week we continued celebrating being readers.  Reading our writing to each other, picking our “good fit” books for our books box and taking time to discover non-fiction and fiction books that we enjoy reading.

Science:  We are continuing to discover all about Living and Non-living things.  Reading Non-fiction books and exploring through our surroundings we are becoming so aware.  Many of our plants took off growing and have come home.  Some of our plants are a little slower to grow and are still in our classroom.  Our field trip was a great way to experience Living and and Non-living things.  From our amazing guides at the Hemlock Nature Center in West Olive to our lunch and play time at Hager Park in Jenison.  We got to see a “Grandfather Tree”, a river, tadpoles and even pet a snake (if we wanted).   Thank you all for having your child ready for the day, providing their lunch and helping make our field trip a success!

Thanks so much volunteers for helping us during our field trip!

We loved our time at Hager Park!  Enjoying our lunch and then playing on the wood structure park.  

Ms. Kelsey, one of our AMAZING guides!  She showed us all kinds of living and non-living things!!

Tent worms!!  We could see them eating the plant that they were living on.  

Grandfather Tree!!

Ollie and his Dad enjoying some cuddle time on the bridge.

Using the “attent-o-scopes” to look for living things….we saw a bird eating a worm!!

Ms. Kelsey showing us a snake inside.  

We got to play a game with these paper animals.  Placing them on areas in the woods where they might live!  

Dropping leaves off of the bridge to see which way the river was moving!!

One of our guides “Grandma” greeted us with excitement and got us ready to explore!!

We were ALL SMILES on the bus ready to get our fun field trip day started!!

Mystery Reader:  Olivia was soooo surprised to see her Mom walk through the door to be our Mystery Reader! She leaped up and greeted her with a big hug!  Mrs. Salazar read us two great books, The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen and Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.  We LOVED helping Mrs. Salazar read The Pout Pout Fish with the “blub, blub, blub” pattern.   Also, learning that we can do anything if we try, just like Gerald the giraffe!

Kindergarten Olympics:  A volunteer note came home this week asking for help with our Kindergarten Olympics.  Thank you to those who have agreed to help.  I am still in need of more volunteers.  Please let me know by returning the bottom portion of the note as soon as you can.  It is such a fun day!!  All are welcome to come watch and even enjoy lunch with your child on Olympic day!  We do the Kindergarten Olympics on our K/1 playground.  Please email me if you have any questions at   


  • Monday, May 15…MUSIC, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, May 16…ART, LIBRARY, BRING LIBRARY BOOK!  Sam’s B-Day!
  • Wednesday, May 17…STEAM
  • Thursday, May 18…GYM, Bring all Take Home Books….Last Day of Take Home Book Program.
  • Friday, May 19…MUSIC, Mia F.’s Summer B-Day celebration!  Bring a flashlight to read with for the day. Label the flashlight with your child’s name, it will be returned home the same day.  I will have a few extras to share!
  • Monday, May 22…Eliana’s Summer B-Day celebration!
  • Friday, May 26…Wear Red, White and Blue Day!  Carson’s B-Day!!
  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL!  Memorial Day.
  • Thursday, June 1…Cruz’s Summer B-Day celebration!
  • Friday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympics.  
  • Wednesday, June 7…Savannah’s Summer B-Day celebration!
  • Thursday, June 8…Evie’s Summer B-Day celebration!
  • Friday, June 9…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m. 


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Field Trip Tomorrow…


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Hello Kindergartners and Parents!  We are planning to go to Hemlock Nature Center in West Olive rain or shine tomorrow.   Here is a schedule just so you are aware of how our day will look:

9:15 – leave promptly for Hemlock Nature Center.

10:00-11:30 is – Stations led by the Hemlock Nature Center leaders (our class will be mixed together with Ms. Yankee’s class for each activity).

11:30 ish -leave for Hager Park in Jenison… (we will skip the park if it is raining.)

12:00 – eat lunch, use bathroom, play at park  – OR – come back to school and eat in our classrooms, parents are welcome!!

1:30 ish – load buses and say good byes to our volunteers 

2:00 – students arrive back at school

Please be sure to dress your Kindergartener according to the the weather report.  It looks like it will be a great day tomorrow!  Boots or shoes that can get muddy or wet, warm coat, hat, gloves, layers, etc. Please BE SURE to pack your child a sack lunch with a drink that is labeled with their name.  Rain or shine we will make a great fun day!!   Be sure to email me if you have any questions at

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Weekly Update…


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May 1 – 5

Popcorn Words:  have, on, of.  We took note of how the “f” in of makes a “v” sound.  Reminding us that those letters do flippy dolphin sometimes and make different sounds in words.  We even looked at how in the word have the “e” is silent and not bossy, because the “a” makes a short “a” sound.  

Math:  We are continuing to work in Unit 5 of our Math curriculum.  This week we worked on finding greater than and less than groups.  Also, working on finding partners that make up a new number, telling subtraction and addition story problems and even practicing our counting by 10’s, 1’s and finding the hiding 0 in teen numbers.  The Kindergarteners always love Friday Math Games with each center focusing on a math concept from the week in Math.  I have been so excited to see their number sense growth this year.  

Writer’s Workshop:  We have started a new writing genre this week, Opinion Writing.  The Kindergarteners have learned what an opinion is and how we all have different opinions on all kinds of things.  From our favorite color, to favorite food and even chips and salsa!  We are diving into Opinion writing by choosing how we feel about a topic and then coming up with two reasons why we feel that way.  Then we come up with a resolution sentence to end our opinion writing, a statement that might entice our reader to want to try what we like.  The Kindergartners have loved the read aloud books that have supported our opinion writing genre. We started with a great book that illustrated the idea of what Opinion writing is:  Pick a Picture, Write and Opinion! by Kristen McCurry.  Then moving into I Wanna Iguana and I Wanna a New Room both books by Karen Kaufman Orloff.  We even explored our mini celebration of Cinco de Mayo on May 5 by exploring if we thought chips and salsa were yucky or yummy.  They loved this!  We had 17 who thought chips and salsa were yummy and 3 who thought it was yucky.  It was so awesome to see them all support each others opinion even if they were not the same.  We will continue with this writing genre during the month of May.

Reader’s Workshop:  This month we will be celebrating how we have become readers.  We will revisit our reading strategies, work on some readers theater and have fun with reading.  This Friday we all wore something that had writing on it.  The Kindergarteners LOVED looking at what their friends had on and reading it.  We also got to go see some readers perform readers theater plays in Ms. Yankee’s Kindergarten classroom!  They performed the plays, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs.  Great job friends!!  Next Friday we will read with a reading strategy beanie baby from our classroom.  No need to send anything to school with your child.  

Science:  We have started our discussion of Living and Non-living things.  Discovering what living things need:  a home, food, light, water and air (space).  The Kindergarteners had a great time taking a nature walk by the ponds to explore what they could find that was living and non-living.  We even got to see the adorable goslings!!  We also got into groups and made posters of each thing that living things need.  One group making a poster together of homes, another making a food poster, one making a water poster and then a light poster.  I made the air poster for them to see as an example.  They loved this activity!  We have also been having fun watching our plants grow!!  Some of them are so big!!  We’ve been keeping track of them using our plant journals.  Tracking the weather, water we use and writing what we see.  We are taking special note of our plants that we planted in sand and one that we are keeping in a cupboard not giving it any sunlight.  It has been so much fun!!

Take Home Books:  Our last day of Take Home Boks will be Thursday, May 18.  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers for coming in to read with our Kindergarteners!  All Take Home Books will be returned Thursday for the school year.  

Mystery Reader:  This week Savannah jumped up with joy and ran to meet her Mom and two brothers Brody and Jackson as they came through our door as our Mystery Readers!!  It was so fun to have Mrs. DeHaan read us the story I Know a Wee Piggy by Kim Norman, a DeHaan family favorite.  Little brother Brody was even able to help read it!!  We loved hearing the rhyming and the funny story about the Pig and his silliness and messiness!!  Thank you so much for visiting with us Mrs. DeHaan!!!  We LOVE having Mystery Readers!!  If you are interested PLEASE email me ASAP to set something up.  If your unable to come during one of our times don’t hesitate to ask for a different time.  I am VERY flexible with this!!  Mystery Reader time is so special!!  

5th Grade Buddies:  We love seeing our 5th grade buddies!!  This week we were able to play with them on our playground.  We even brought out some of our toys to play with outside!  It was so fun!!  Thanks for visiting with us 5th graders!!

Field Trip:  This Tuesday, May 9 we will be going on our Spring field trip.  We have 6 chaperones who will also attend.  Please be sure to dress your Kindergartener weather appropriate.  We will be leaving school by 9:15 a.m. to go to the Hemlock Nature Center in Holland.  We will be walking on trail, listening to guides inside and outside.  The Nature Center does an amazing job of giving the kids a great tour of living things.  We will then leave the nature center at 11:30 to then go to HAGER PARK for our picnic lunch and play time.  Please pack your child a lunch for the day that includes a drink.  If the weather is rainy we will still go to the Nature Center, they have a dry Plan B for us.  However, if the weather is still rainy by our lunch time then we will return to school and have our picnic lunch in our classroom, all parents are welcome!  For parents planning to attend the lunch time with your child PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF PARK VENUE:  HAGER PARK IN JENISON, NOT TIMBER TOWN IN ZEELAND.  We will be near the wood structure part of the Hager Park around 12:00 for our lunch, then have time to play.  

Kindergarten Olympics:  What are Kindergarten Olympics?  A fun day of games where all the Kindergarten classes join together!  We will be having the Kindergarten Olympics on Friday, June 2.  A note asking for parent volunteers will be coming home.  Please return the slips if you can help.  Even a grandparent is welcome to help, as long as we have background checks!  It is such a fun time!!  All parents will be open to come to this, we do a picnic style lunch that is always fun to be a part of!!  More details will be coming home this week.  

Summer Birthdays:  I will be contacting parents of Kindergarteners with summer birthdays to get a date on our calendar to celebrate them before our end of the school year!  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 8…Gym. Bring Take Home Books.
  • Tuesday, May 9…Field Trip Day!!  Dress weather appropriate, bring a labeled lunch with drink, leaving at 9:15 a.m., lunch at 12:00 ish at Hager Park in Jenison, return to school by 2:00 p.m.  NO Music special, Library (we will still have library) Bring Library Books.
  • Wednesday, May 10…Art.  Bring Take Home Books. Math and Literacy homework due.
  • Thursday, May 11…Steam.  Bring Take Home Books.
  • Friday, May 12…Gym, Early Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.  
  • Tuesday, May 16…Sam’s B-Day!!!
  • Thursday, May 18…Last Day for Take Home Books Program!  Bring all Take Home Books to school!!
  • Friday, May 19…Bring a flashlight to read with!  Please label it with your child’s name!!  I have some extra just in case.
  • Friday, May 26…Wear Red, White and Blue Day!!  Carson’s B-day!!!
  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL!!!  Memorial Day.
  • Friday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympics.
  • Friday, June 9…LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….dismissal at 12:15 p.m.
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We will be changing the park that we are going to after our Hemlock Nature Center part of our field trip.  Instead of going to Huizenga Park in Zeeland we will now be going to Hager Park in Jenison.

We plan to be at Hager Park around 12:00 and have our picnic lunch near the wood structure playground.  Then enjoy some playtime before returning to school around 1:30 p.m.  If you are planning to meet your child for lunch please join us as Hager Park in Jenison on our field trip day.  A note regarding this change will also be coming home with your child on Monday along with directions to Hager Park.

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Wear your words!


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During the month of May we are celebrating the amazing progress we have made as readers in Kindergarten.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get all of our class to wear clothing with words, a shirt, hat, anything with words.  A note will also be going home with this information on it for you.  So get out your wearable words and wear it tomorrow Friday, May 5!!

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Weekly Update…


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April 24 – 28

Popcorn Words:  some, come.  

Writer’s Workshop:  We have really blossomed as writers.  This week we picked a piece of writing from our writing folder that we fixed and fancied.  Then, we visited Mrs. Woodring’s first grade class and read them our writing.  They shared a piece of writing with us too.  The Kindergarteners will be exploring opinion writing during the month of May.

Reader’s Workshop:  We are continuing to identify with characters in stories that we read.  Making connections to how they feel, something they have done or even connecting to other books that show that same action.

Split Lit:  The Kindergarteners have done a great job making choices on their own during our split lit. time.  They are choosing from writing words, sentences, and even listening to books.  We have even started to do some readers theater work in small groups.  Each of the students getting a part in a play and then reading it together.  It has been fun to see them enjoy this task.  

Math: In math this week we worked on subtraction, addition, teen numbers, finding groups of 10 and even discovering equal and not equal groups.  The Kindergarteners always love playing Math games on Friday.  This week they played a starburst measuring game, where they measured lines with starbursts.  They worked on subtracting sentences with bunnies and carrots.  We also made teen numbers with play dough.  Then we played a rock and roll game of rolling two dice, adding the numbers together and coloring the number on our game board.  I am amazed at how these Friday Math games have built the Kindergarteners number sense!!

Science:  We wrapped up our study on soil and started our observations of our rock collections.  The Kindergarteners have loved making the different kinds of rocks.  Using pressure with starbursts to create their own edible sedimentary rocks and then using pressure and heat from their hands to create their own metamorphic rocks.  We also went down to the teachers lounge and used the microwave as our extreme heat to make an igneous rock.   We wrapped up our study of rocks by making a fossil today.  Each Kindergartener made an imprint into some clay to make their own fossil.  They will bring these home on Monday.  It has been so fun to see the many different types of rocks the Kindergarteners have brought in.  We have had a lot of fun exploring these amazing collections.  Thank you for helping your Kindergartener with their rock collection!  All rock collections are on their way home.

Earth Day Crafts:   We created our own crafts using recyclable and reusable items.  The Kindergarteners were very creative!!   This project helps us kick off our study of living and non/living things next week.

Mystery Reader:  This week Cruz let out a gasp as he saw his Grandma walk through the door to be our Mystery Reader.  Cruz’s Grandma was so sweet to bring us 3 books and read them all to us!!  WE LOVE listening to books!  I Really Like Slop! by Mo Willems was such a funny book.  We thought it was so brave of Elephant to try slop, but we didn’t think we would want too.  Next we listened to It Came in the Mail by Ben Clanton.  A hilarious story about a little boy who writes letters to his mailbox because he wants mail.  He gets a little more than he bargained for.  Last Cruz helped his Grandma read us The Hungry Frog by peter Tovey. We loved how Cruz was able to poke his fingers through the book to control the Frog’s eyes.  Thank you to Cruz’s Grandma for visiting with us!!

Star Student:  We will be starting another star student round on Monday.  Each Kindergartener will get a turn to bring home our classroom stuffed animal Buttons.  The students will fill out a journal page, writing a sentence or two to tell us about what they did with Buttons.  Thank you for helping your child with this activity.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 1…STEAM, Bring Take Home Books.
  • Tuesday, May 2…GYM, LIBRARY, Bring Library Book.
  • Wednesday, May 3…MUSIC, Bring Take Home Books, Homework Due.
  • Thursday, May 4…ART, Bring Take Home Books.
  • Friday, May 5…STEAM
  • Tuesday, May 9…Field Trip.  Bring a home lunch for the day.  We will be leaving at 9:15 a.m., lunch at Huizenga Park in Zeeland, return to school by 2:00 p.m.
  • Friday, May 12…Early Release Day, 12:15 p.m.
  • Tuesday, May 16…Sam’s Birthday!
  • Friday, May 26…Carson’s Birthday!  Wear RED, WHITE and BLUE!
  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day.
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Weekly Update…


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April 17 – 21

Popcorn Words:  They, these.  The Kindergarteners practiced writing these words in sentences this week.  They also learned a little jingle with learning the word they.  Here is the jingle:  There is no “a” in they, there is no “a” in they, t-h-e-y, there is no “a” in they.  

Reader’s Workshop:  This week we continued to talk about characters in books we read.  We talked about how sometimes in books characters have different feelings and emotions in books.  We will dive deeper into characters next week as we practice acting out books with our reader’s theater work.

Writer’s Workshop:  The Kindergarteners have been working so well during writer’s workshop creating their chosen genre of writing.  I have seen great All About books, Small Moment Stories and How To books.  Next week we will pick our genre and focus on writing our best piece to share with another class. We also did some writing with our study of rocks.  The Kindergartners discovered that chalk is a rock and they each did a writing piece showing what they drew with their chalk piece.

Math:  We have been working on our teen numbers this week.  We have practiced adding numbers together, finding groups of 10, partners of 10 and playing our missing partners games with partners.  It was fun on Friday during our weekly Math games to play some beach themed math games that reinforced our Math concepts of the week.  We will continue to work in Unit 5 next week as well.  We will continue to develop our knowledge with teen numbers.  

Science:  This week we continued to learn about Soil and how we use it.  We learned that soil is under our sidewalks, roads and even our school.  We also planted our own seeds in soil in celebration of Earth Day.  We will be keeping track of our plants growth in our own Plant journals.  The Kindergartners also started their study of rocks.  We discussed how rocks are different and the many different types of rocks.  Learning about metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks.  The Kindergarteners will be exploring their rock collections next week.  Thank you for helping your Kindergartner with their rock collections.  We will keep these rocks at school for a few more days to study them further.  

Earth Day:  On Friday we celebrated Earth Day.  We talked about what Earth day is and how we can help keep our planet healthy and clean.  They learned about recycling, reusing and reducing our trash that we have.  We took a walk outside and even picked up trash to help keep our school clean.  The Kindergartners even learned that our school has a paper gator to help reduce the amount of trash we produce.  We will continue to talk about reusing next week.  Each Kindergartner was asked to bring a recycled product to school on Monday to make a new item.  

Fifth Grade Buddies:  We were so excited to get together with our 5th grade buddies this week.  We LOVE to see them and get time with them.  The 5th grade buddies came to see us and enjoyed some free time with us.

Mystery Reader:  Carson was so excited to see his Dad walk through the door as our Mystery Reader.  Mr. Tolsma read us two wonderful books: Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu by Sheena Knowles.  These two wonderful books showed us how even if you want to be something different the best thing to be is yourself.  Thank you so much for sharing these books and your time with us Mr. Tolsma.  If anyone is interested in being a Mystery Reader you can sign up by clicking on Mystery Reader on the right side of our blog or email me at

Beach Day Fun:  We had so much fun on Friday celebrating our amazing behavior as a class with our Beach Day.  We played some fun Beach themed Math games, had a beach picnic for lunch in our classroom, and read some beach themed easy readers.  Next we will try to earn 11 superstars for a special day.  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, April 24…Art, Bring Take Home Book, Bring reusable item.
  • Tuesday, April 25…Steam, Library, Bring Library Book.
  • Wednesday, April 26…Gym, Bring Take Home Book, Homework Due.
  • Thursday, April 27…Music, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, April 28…Art, Ryan’s Birthday!
  • Saturday, April 29…Neeko’s Birthday!
  • Tuesday, May 9…Spring Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center and Huizenga Park in Zeeland.  Feel free to join us for our picnic lunch.  Each Kindergartner should plan to bring a lunch from home for our field trip.  
  • Friday, May 12…Early Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.
  • Friday, May 26…Wear Red, White and Blue Day to celebrate Memorial Day!
  • Monday, May 29…Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL.




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