Kids Heart Challenge


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We are kicking off our Kids Heart Challenge  at Georgetown Elementary.
If everyone in our class signs up, our school will get $500 worth of new equipment for PE!
Follow this link for information:  GEORGETOWN BLOG KIDS HEART CHALLENGE
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Weekly Update…


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2/11 – 2/15

Popcorn Words:  This week we had the popcorn words how and now pop into our classroom.  The kinders did a GREAT job of learning the “ow” letter team is in many different words.  They created books and made new words with these popcorn words this week.

Math:  You may have noticed that your Kinder brought home their Math book on Friday!  They were SOOOO EXCITED to bring these home.  We will be reviewing for our test and taking our Unit 3 Math test next week.  This Math book can stay at home!  The kinders will be getting a new Math book for the rest of the school year.  They worked hard this week on noticing different ways to write number sentences, showing objects to make number sentences, adding and subtracting and discovering shapes.  

Literacy:  Each day the kinders work hard on skills that help them get ready to be readers, help them grow as readers and are challenged as readers to reach new heights.  Your kinder works independently on skills such as reading to self, finding popcorn words, writing words that they sound out or exploring many different skills to help build their reading skills.  They may work by themselves sometimes or in a small group.  Each kinder works on skills that are specific to their needs when working in a small group.  I am very proud of how they are able to work during this time in our day.  Gathering tools they need and making choices on skills they wish to build on.  Often having fun at the same time!!  It is always a good idea to keep practicing sight words, letters and letter sound at home with the flashcards that come home monthly.  If you are in need of more flashcards please email me to let me know.  I can get you those no problem.

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to build on our small moment story writing.  The kinders have done a GREAT job coming up with ideas of what to write about.  They seem to get the idea of what a small moment is.  We will continue to build on this type of writing and become more and more independent with our writing.  Soon, they will be doing their own test “on demand” small moment story writing.  This will involve them coming up with their own idea, writing their story across a page on their own and showing me all that they have learned.  Making sure they sound out words, add punctuation, uppercase letters, and label pictures.  We talked about how it can be really hard to be a writer and that it takes a lot of practice to sound out words we don’t know.  The kinders have done such a great job of this.  However, they were quick to say that it can be hard and that we need to use one of our reading super power skills and not give up!  Any practice at home of having your child practice stretching out words and writing sounds they hear is always a great mini way to train them how to be more confident as writers.  

Readers Workshop:  The kinders noticed that books become more and more challenging.  Noticing that some books have more words, more lines, longer words, more challenging patterns, and even surprise endings.  We talked about how we want to remember to also never give up when we are working on reading.  Using our persistence power!  We discovered that patterns help us sound like readers.  Also, when we discover a pattern it makes reading the rest of the book much easier.  We explored a book called, Picnic to discover this challenging pattern.  The kinders noticed how the pattern alternated and then had a surprise ending.  

Valentines Fun:  Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who donated supplies and time to our Valentine Day party.  The kinders had a blast!  They opened lots of Valentines, played a fun game of musical hearts, made an adorable Valentine photo frame, played a stacking hearts game and a fun Valentine ping pong ball toss.  They also loved their yummy snack of chocolate dipped pretzel rods and a juice box.  What a fun Valentine party we had!!

Upcoming schedule:  This week all of the K teachers will be in and out of the classroom to do Kindergarten screening for incoming kindergartners.  Also, with the snow days, we have had over the last several weeks each Kindergarten teacher will be taking some time to be at school to test our own kinders while having a substitute in our classroom.  On Monday, I will be at school but in the a.m. I will be testing my kinders.  In the afternoon on Monday, I will be doing kindergarten screening.  A substitute will be in our classroom on Monday all day.  I will be in and out in the a.m.   On Wednesday afternoon the kindergarten teachers district-wide will be attending an in-service for curriculum.  So, on Wednesday afternoon there will be a substitute teacher in our classroom.  The kinders do know about Monday so far.  One day at a time.  If you have any changes in your child’s schedule on Monday or Wednesday please be sure to write a note or contact the office, 797-9797.  I will have access to my computer.  However, a note or office (797-9797) contact helps to cover all the bases if a change is happening.  

Spring Conferences:  We will be meeting in spring to discuss your kinders progress.  Our Spring Conferences will be on March 11 and 13.  These will be scheduled and dates and times will be sent to you prior to these spring dates.  

Mystery Reader:  This week Kendall was thrilled to see her Mom, Mrs. Rodriguez walk through our door as our Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Rodriguez read us the adorable story of One Good Deed by Terri Fields.  A wonderful story about a neighborhood and how they helped each other.  A great story that goes hand in hand with our bucket filler classroom environment.  In this story, one good deed caught on and several good deeds happen in a neighborhood.  A truly heartwarming story about helping others.  Thanks for visiting with us, Mrs. Rodriguez.


  • Please be sure to pack 2 healthy snacks for your kinder.  We have an a.m. and p.m. snack daily.
  • Send your child to school DAILY with the appropriate winter gear (hat, snow pants, gloves/mittens, boots, etc.).  I have some extra supplies but cannot share hats.  If it is above freezing we do go outside two times a day.  
  • Take home books can be kept at home until it is a Take-Home Book day, Tuesday/Thursday.  With this crazy winter weather pattern, I have switched out books from the week before.  However, with a more normal week, you can keep these books home unless it is a T/TH. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 18…ART, LIBRARY, Bring your library book!  Mrs. Stutz at school but not in the classroom…testing classroom Kinders in the a.m., kindergarten screening in the afternoon.  Please call the office (797-9797) or write a note with any changes in your child’s schedule for the day.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19…STEAM, Bring Take Home Books.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20…MUSIC, Henry 1/2 B-Day celebration!  Mrs. Stutz not at school in the p.m.
  • Thursday, Feb. 21…GYM, Bring Take Home Books.
  • Friday, Feb. 22…ART, Popcorn Friday
  • March 8…Early Dismissal, 12:15 p.m.
  • March 9… Boys Event, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. @ BAM Entertainment.  
  • March 11…Spring Conferences, 4-8 p.m.
  • March 13…Spring Conferences, 4-8 pm. 

Fun at Free Choice Time:



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Valentines Day Party…


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The Valentines are mailed, party supplies are coming in, the kinders are SOOOO EXCITED!! 

If you are planning to attend/help at the party please plan to arrive by 1:30 p.m. to help set up for the party. 

Our party will be from 1:50 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

If you have ANY questions please email me at

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another SHORT Weekly Update


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2/4 – 2/8

Wow!  ANOTHER short weekly update!!  With this week’s weather only bringing us together for 1- 1/2 days of school our time together was packed with birthday celebrations, 100th-day celebrations and getting reacquainted with one another.  However brief as it was, I was so happy to see all of the sweet Kinders this week.  We will continue to rebuild our routines, structure, and normalcy as our days of back to school build.  

Popcorn Words:  with, big.  Our popcorn words will continue to pop into our classroom as we return to our normal classroom schedule.  We are off a bit according to our February calendar with these.  Our January flashcards will be sent home on Monday.  Please continue to revisit our popcorn words with your child.  Words that they can read in a snap will help them build their reading independence.  If you are in need of flashcards please email me at and I can send home more with your child.

Mystery Reader:  Luckily we were able to get our Mystery Reader visit from Mrs. Hare in this week with our unpredictable weather!  Bryson was SO EXCITED to see his Mom walk through our door on Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs. Hare read us one of Bryson’s favorite stories, Tawny Scrawny Lion by Kathryn Jackson.  A great story about a rabbit family that teaches a lion to eat carrot stew so that he won’t eat them!  Thanks for visiting with us, Mrs. Hare.

100th Day Celebration:  While our school days have not reached 100 days yet we decided to celebrate our 100 collections anyway.  Thank you so much for helping your child with their 100 collections!!  We LOVED seeing all of our classmates collections.  The Kindergartners enjoyed several 100-day activities.  Making a 100 days smarter crown, writing 100 by 10’s, making 100 in our Math corner, reading for 100 seconds, making a 100 piece snack mix. 



Valentines Party:  Thank you so much for volunteering, signing up to provide supplies and planning our Valentine Party fabulous Kindergarten volunteers!!  If you are unsure of the details PLEASE feel free to email me,  If you are planning to provide a supply for our party and are NOT coming to the party please be sure to have your supply sent in or dropped off to our classroom by Wednesday, Feb. 13.  If you are providing a supply and planning to volunteer at the party please bring your donation to the party on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 1:50 p.m.  Volunteers if you would like to come and help set up for the party you may arrive by 1:30 p.m. Our party is scheduled to be on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 1:50 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. ish.  

Valentines:  Each Kinder was provided with labels to help with addressing their Valentines.  I also sent a copy of these names to you through email last week.  If you need another list please don’t hesitate to email me at  Please plan to have your child bring their finished Valentines to school by Monday, Feb. 11.  They will deliver their Valentines throughout our upcoming week.  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 11…Valentines Due, LIBRARY, GYM, Library books due.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 12…ART, Bring Take Home Book Bag.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13…STEAM
  • Thursday, Feb. 14…MUSIC, Bring Take Home Book Bag, Valentines Day Class Party 1:50-3:00 p.m. ish.
  • Friday, Feb. 15…GYM
  • Feb. 20…Henry 1/2 B-Day Celebration!!


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Ice Day!!


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WOW!  An Ice storm is keeping us home today! 

I hope you are staying safe, warm and sane! 

If you are looking for a challenge for your Kinder today try a few of these ideas:

  • Log onto Clever and enjoy some computer learning fun!  Please email me (  if you have any trouble locating your child’s username or password.
  • Make an indoor fort.
  • Play an inside game of snowball toss with socks.  Throwing socks into bowls or buckets, points for different distances.
  • Create a piece of artwork inspired by the ice.
  • Cuddle up and watch a movie.
  • Play a game of treasure hunt.  Hide an object for your child and create a treasure hunt for them to find it, or play hot and cold for them to locate the treasure.
  • Celebrate kinder kindness and make a card to add to our collection we are creating for those who aren’t expecting it. 

*We will have our 100 Day celebration when we return to school.


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Winter Weekly Update…


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Wow!  What a winter week of snow!!  I hope you all have enjoyed this week and have stayed safe and warm!  I would LOVE to celebrate the learning, reading and fun that your Kinder has done this week.  Please send me a pic of your child learning, reading and having fun this snowy week.  A few reminders for next week:

Take Home Books:  Since we didn’t have any chances to switch these books out last week please be sure to send these with your child on Wednesday, Feb. 6 to get a new book.  We will resume our Take Home Book program as scheduled and have our books due normally on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Thank you for all of your support in this program!  I couldn’t do this without the many volunteers who have signed up!  

100 Day Collections:  These are due on Thursday, Feb. 7.  If you have any questions about this project please email at  

Valentines:  If your child would like to give Valentines to their classmates please plan to have them at school by Monday, Feb. 11.  I do have labels for each child to easily label their Valentines when addressing.  We have a new student starting Wednesday so that name will be added to our list.  We now have 26 sweet little Kinders in our classroom.  Since we have been out of school you haven’t been able to get these.  I will be sending a class lists to you through email in case some of you want to get started without labels.  We do not have any food allergies if you wish to add candy to your child’s Valentines.  Please let me know if you have any questions,

Valentine Party:  Please follow this link: to sign up for any supplies you would like to donate for our upcoming Valentines Party.

New Student Coming:  I am SOOO EXCITED to announce that we will get a new student on Wednesday when we return to school.  I can’t wait to introduce her to all of our amazing Kindergartners.  I know they will welcome our new friend with all kinds of warmth and friendship.  

I hope you all have a GREAT extended Mid-Winter break!!  I can’t wait to see all of the Kinders Wednesday!! 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 4…NO SCHOOL, Winter Break
  • Tuesday, Feb. 5…NO SCHOOL, Winter Break
  • Wednesday, Feb. 6…ART, Bring Take Home Book, Celebrate Kendall’s 1/2 B-Day! Celebrate Bryce’s 1/2 B-Day!
  • Thursday, Feb. 7…STEAM, Emery’s B-Day! 100 Day Collections Due!  Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, Feb. 8…MUSIC, Ava’s B-Day!
  • Monday, Feb. 11…Valentines Due.
  • Thursday, Feb. 14…Classroom Valentine Party 1:50-3:00 p.m.
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Snow Day!!


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We have another SNOW DAY today! 

Please encourage your child to do at least 30 minutes of learning (see below).  Thanks to our AMAZING PTC (made possible by your WALK•A•THON Donations), $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (one per grade) will be given to randomly drawn students.


Mrs. Reagan will be giving a pizza party for the classroom that has the MOST PARTICIPANTS in SNOW DAY LEARNING.   She will look at who has participated over all the snow days (last Friday, today …. and maybe other days this week) and the class with the most students who participate will get a PRINCIPAL PIZZA PARTY!

Options for learning:

  1. Read a book or two or three.  ONLINE Learning record for reading minutes.
  2. Learning on MOBYMAX or RAZ-KIDS through
  • Log into
  • Select log into other google account.
  • Type in district username followed by
  • Type in password – if your child doesn’t remember the password, choose TIME TO READ instead — or email me,
  • Select Elementary Apps
  • Find MOBYMAX OR RAZ KIDS….get started!

Students have until 5 pm tonight to participate.

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Weekly Update…


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1/21 – 1/24

I hope you ALL enjoyed the snow day today!  The kinders know I LOVE THE SNOW!!!  Even I had some fun in it today!  On Thursday it was coming on strong at our last recess!  As you can tell by these recess pics of a few of our friends!

Popcorn Words:  he, she.  The kindergartners did a great job this week with discovering all about long e in these popcorn words.  Noticing that the word she has the word he as part of it too!  

Math:  This week we worked on teen numbers and number sentences.  The Kindergartners did a GREAT job of playing a couple of Math games with a partner.  First they explored teen numbers and number sentences that match.  The kindergartners found the matching partners with these cards.  Pairing up a teen number with the correct 10+ _ number sentence.  They did a GREAT job!  They also worked on creating number sentences by looking at a picture that separated a group of objects.  Noticing that a line, or break apart stick, separated the number of objects.  Then they would write out a number sentence that matched the picture shown.  They are developing so much in their Math ability!

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to work on writing small moment stories.  The kinders explored adding details to pictures, matching words to their pictures and writing a small moment story.  This week we wrote about a small moment story of our own choice.  It was a great way for me to see how they are doing with the process that they have been taught.  I was amazed at how well they did!!  So many of them are able to understand the process.  I saw small moment stories that were about being tucked in to bed, about playing outside with a friend, a wrestling match and so many more.  We will continue to explore small moment writing throughout February.  The Kinders REALLY enjoyed sharing these stories with their friends.  They LOVE to see each others work!! 

Readers Workshop:  This week we explored how we can notice patterns in books and how the patterns help us “sing out” the words we read.  Reading them with ease and just the right amount of fluency.  We talked about how we can build our fluency power when we read.  When we first read a new word we might sound a little bit like a robot…or have a slower fluency.  As we grow as readers our speed or fluency of reading grows stronger and we can read those words with just the right amount of fluency.  The Kinders also explored how punctuation can change how we read words.  Noticing quotation marks, commas, periods, exclamation points and questions marks in our books.  We practiced saying sentences with these different marks to practice how we might sound given the different punctuation.  The kinders loved this discovery!  They had fun using expression as they read these marks in their books.

Mystery Readers:

  • On Monday Logan was absolutely THRILLED to see his Mom and little sister Bristol walk through our door as Mystery Readers!  Mrs. Castle read us the book The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck.  The kinders loved hearing this funny book about the Gingerbread Man!  Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Castle and baby Bristol!!

  • On Tuesday Kellen was so EXCITED to see his Grammy be our Mystery Reader!  She read us the funny story about a Mole who couldn’t find his way home, Mrs. Mole I’m Home!  Thank you so much for reading to us!!

  • Last week Friday Kellen was surprised by his Mom as our Mystery Reader!  The kinders LOVED hearing the story The Day the Crayons Quit.  A hilarious book told from the side of the crayons!  Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Sinke!! 

Valentines Party:  Thank you to several parents who have emailed about our upcoming Valentines Day Party!!  We will get the planning underway soon and details will be coming your way.  Our classroom party will be on Thursday, Feb. 14 at 1:50 p.m.  Each kinder will be making a Valentines mailbox at school for Valentines.  A letter will be coming home Monday with labels to help with addressing valentines from your child.  We have no allergies if you are planning to attach any candy with your valentines.  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Jan. 28…LIBRARY, ART, LIBRARY BOOKS DUE!!  Celebrate Kendall’s 1/2 b-day!  Celebrate Bryce’s 1/2 B-Day!
  • Tuesday, Jan. 29…STEAM, Return Take Home Book Bags 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30…MUSIC
  • Thursday, Jan. 31…GYM, Return Take Home Book Bags
  • Friday, Feb. 1…ART, Early Release – 12:15 p.m. dismissal
  • Feb. 2…Mrs. Stutz’s b-day (25 again!)
  • Feb. 14…1:50-3:00 – Our classroom Valentines Day Party!
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Valentines Day Party…


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It’s that time already….


Our classroom party is planned for Thursday, Feb. 14 at 1:50-3:00 p.m.

What do I need?:

*A party coordinator(s)

*Party volunteers to attend and help at the party

*Volunteers to help with sending in supplies

If you are interested in coordinating, volunteering or helping with providing party supplies for the party please email me at  

Let’s get the party planning going!

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Today your kindergartener brought home a TAKE-HOME book bag. They were VERY excited that they were taking books home to read to you today! You will find inside their bag a note with more details about this reading program.  Their bag is labeled with their name and days to return their books. In your child’s bag is a parent note with some tips, a parent comment sheet, a reading superpowers bookmark and a book just right for them to read. 

Please remember that TAKE-HOME books are not meant to be challenging for your kindergartener to read.  They should feel successful and be able to read these books to you.  We will save the challenging books for school time.  Our goal is to read at a B level by the end of February and a D level by the end of the school year.  Every child is different and develops reading skills at different times. 

Some kiddos will reach these goals, some will not be ready yet, and some will pass these goals.  Please accept and celebrate your child’s ability at this time.  Please encourage and support your child when they read their book to you.  It is good to read the book more than one time and on different occasions! 


On Thursday, your kindergartener will read their book with a parent volunteer at school. Then they will pick out a new book to bring home. Happy Reading!!!! 

If your child was bringing home baggie books earlier in the school year, this class-wide Take-Home Book Program will be replacing that, so you’ll only need to keep up with one bag and one set of instructions.

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