Weekly Update…


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3/12 – 3/16

Conferences:  Thank you all so much for taking the time to attend our Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences!  It was so nice to be able to talk to you about your Kinder and share their progress with you.  They have really grown so much as learners.  If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.

Popcorn words:  were, there, where.  Be sure to practice these popcorn/sight words at home as well.  These are the monthly sight words that are sent home.  Let me know if you need any extra copies.  Our goal by the end of the year is to know at least 38 sight words.  

Math:  This week we explored finding partners of 10.  The Kindergartners saw patterns in the number sentences that we explored as well.  Discovering that as one partner increases the other partner decreases.  For example, 1 + 9 = 10, then seeing 2 + 8 = 10.  The number partners increase and decrease by 1.  The Kindergartners also enjoyed starting to explore 3-D shapes.  Noticing the difference between a 2-D shape and 3-D shape.  A 2-D shape can lay flat on a piece of paper.  However, a 3-D shape has three dimensions and are solid.  The Kinders loved looking around the room for 3-D shapes!  Noticing a sphere is above each table, a box of Kleenex is a cube and their water bottles are cylinders!  They also explored Math mountains this week.  Seeing another way to solve addition problems.  

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued with being Informational Writers.  The Kindergartners explored facts about Pigs.  Filling in a Can/Have/Are worksheet and then writing their All About Pigs informational book.  They are doing a great job of discovering information in nonfiction books about a topic and then writing details in a book.  We will continue with Informational Writing throughout the rest of the month.  

Readers Workshop:  We have loved discovering all of the features that a Non-fiction book has inside!  The Kindergartners explored many different books on the same topic.  Discovering that each book on the same topic can be a little bit different.  Some of the books have features that other Non-fiction books do not.  We looked at the differences and similarities in Non-fiction books.  It has been so amazing to see the Kindergartners explore books and really take note of the details inside them.  

Fairy Tale:  This week, to go along with our study of Pigs, we explored The Three Little Pigs fairy tale.  The Kinders had fun retelling this story with using their own story telling props that they made.  It was fun hearing them retell the story with their classmates.  They used their amazing retelling voices and made their characters come to life!

Outstanding Student:  Owen was awarded an OUTSTANDING award from Mrs. Reagan this week!  He is an awesome example of our Georgetown Rules:  BE NICE, WORK HARD and LEARN WELL!!   We are so proud of Owen!  Way to go!!

Mystery Reader:  Archer was thrilled to see his Grandma walk through the door as our Mystery Reader!!  Archer’s Grandma read us one of Archer’s favorite books, Seven Hungry Babies by Candace Fleming.  An adorable story about seven hungry baby birds!  A timely story with spring right around the story!!

St. Patrick’s Day Fun:  On Friday we had so much fun with our St. Patrick’s Day themed learning!  Right away we noticed that there were leprechaun footprints on our tables and even on our walls and whiteboard!!  We had fun making our Lucky Goes Looking book, tasting “leprechaun pudding” (pistachio pudding), played a find the missing pot of gold with numbers and also made some artwork with fun stickers, even making a secret message that we hid for Mrs. Stutz to find!  So much fun!!  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 19…GYM, Take Home Books
  • Tuesday, March 20…MUSIC, Take Home Books
  • Thursday, March 22…STEAM
  • Friday, March 23…GYM, Take Home Books
  • Thursday, March 29…Brody’s B-Day!!  All K-P.J. Day!  Wear your comfies or P.J.’s to school.
  • Friday, March 30…NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6…Spring Break
  • Monday, April 9…Back to school : )
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Conference Reminder…


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Conference Reminder…

Just a reminder that conferences are this week…Monday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 14.  I’m looking forward to talking with you about your sweet Kinder!! 

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Weekly Update…


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3/5 – 3/9

POPCORN WORDS: went, home, about

READING:  This week in reading we continued our learning about non-fiction books. We went on a hunt for non-fiction text features. We are getting really good at finding them! Our focus this week was on reading about bears. We read non-fiction bear books and the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Kinders learned about something called a Shape-Go- Map to retell a story.  The learned about how each story has a setting, characters, and a possible problem.  Then they recalled the transition words of first, next, then and last to retell a story.  After reading a story we discussed how many stories have a lesson that readers learn or a problem that was solved.  We call this the heart of the story.  They practiced retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Kinders brought home their bear props they can use to retell the story to you!

WRITING:  In writing this week, we wrote non-fiction books titled All About Bears. We started our learning this week by sharing what we already know about bears. We learned what bears can do, what bears have and what bears are. In our books we wrote, we labeled the parts of a bear…because non-fiction books have diagrams, pictures and labels. We wrote books about bears telling all we know about them, drawing pictures with labels that match our words on the page.

Mystery Reader:

  • On Tuesday Melody was absolutely thrilled to see her Mom walk through the door as our Mystery Reader!  Mrs. Grooms read us the story Hurry Up Birthday! by Paeony Lewis.  An adorable story about a bunny who simply cannot wait for her birthday!!  An emotion each and every kindergartner can relate too!!  Thanks for reading to us Mrs. Grooms!  

  • On Wednesday Archer jumped up and ran to greet his Mom,  as our Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Maly read us the book The Great Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog! by Cynthia Rylant and Mark Teague.  A hilarious story about Gracie the dog who goes on quite the journey.  Thank you for reading to us Mrs. Maly!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 12…STEAM, Take Home Books, Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8p.m.
  • Tuesday, March 13…GYM, Take Home Books, Book Fair Class Preview Day.
  • Wednesday, March 14…MUSIC, Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 15…ART, Book Fair Class Buy Day.
  • Friday, March 16…STEAM, Take Home Books.  Basket donations for Mrs. Fabbro due.  
  • Saturday, March 17…PTC Boys Event
  • Wednesday, March 27…Soil samples due
  • Thursday, March 29…All K-P.J. Day, Brody B-Day!
  • Friday, March 30…NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6…SPRING VACATION, NO SCHOOL.
  • Monday, April 9…School Resumes
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Basket of Love…


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Many of you have asked about our beloved Mrs. Fabbro.  With the amazing outpouring of love from many of you I am looking to fill a “Basket of Love” for Mrs. Fabbro.  If you would like to contribute with a small token of love feel free to send in your contribution with your child by Friday, March 16.  You can find out more about Mrs. Fabbro by visiting her carepage at https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/rhondafabbro


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Weekly Update


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2/26 – 3/2

Popcorn Words:  and, get.  Please practice sight words at home.  

Math:  This week we dove into telling addition and subtraction stories.  The Kindergartners also explored adding and subtracting 1 from a group of 10.  We told stories of 10 bugs camping outside.  If 6 bugs fell asleep then how many were awake?  4!!  The Kindergartners also loved the adding and subtracting like a pirate videos we watched.  We are working hard on our adding and subtracting numbers through 10!

Writers Workshop:  This week we started a new type of writing, Informational Writing, or “All About” writing.  The Kindergartners discussed why we have All About books?  To learn something new, to teach others and to enjoy!  Our topic of study this week was Chickens.  We received Non-fiction books on Chickens.  The kinders read about chickens and then together we wrote down in our Chickens Have, Can and Are Worksheet.  After gathering information we wrote an All About Chickens book.  We sketched pictures and wrote information that we gathered.  The Kinders did a GREAT job with this first week of becoming Informational Writers!! We will continue informational writing throughout the month of March.

Readers Workshop:  This week we started a new unit on Nonfiction books.  We discovered what a Nonfiction book is: a book that tells facts about a topic.  The Kindergartners explored the difference between a fact and an opinion. We also explored what a Fiction book is:  a pretend, not real, an imaginary story.  The Kindergartners helped to organize books into piles of Nonfiction and Fiction books.  With our topic of Chickens we explored and additional genre with the folk tale story of The Little Red Hen.   The Kinders noticed the difference between this genre and a Nonfiction book.  We will explore different genres throughout the month of March.

Literacy:  We have been working hard on different literacy skills.  Students get pulled into different reading groups and practice independent skills.  Students may be bringing home lists that they make from grocery fliers, they write in their journal, put together word or sentence puzzles or even listen to books on tape.  We also do a “word study” whole class activity daily.  Where we practice discovering blends, writing sounds we hear, taking letters out of words and finding new words.  

Dr. Seuss’ B-Day:  Oh What Fun We Had!!  The Kindergartners had a lot of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Friday!  Making their own Dr. Seuss hat and a fun Truffula pencil!!  It was fun to see the Seuss style attire that the Kinders came to school in.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 5…STEAM, Bring Take Home Book
  • Tuesday, March 6…GYM, Bring Take Home Book
  • Wednesday, March 7…MUSIC, LIBRARY, Bring library book
  • Thursday, March 8…ART, Jet’s Pizza Night
  • Friday, March 9…ART, Early Release Day-12:15 dismissal, NO TAKE HOME BOOKS, Makayla’s B-Day!!!
  • Monday, March 12 & Wednesday, March 14…Spring Conferences.
  • Friday, March 30-April 6…SPRING BREAK…NO SCHOOL!
  • Monday, April 9…Back to school

More pics:

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Tomorrow we will celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! 

The Kindergartners are invited to dress “Seuss-ish” or wear red, black and white in honor of this famous children’s author.



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Weekly Update…


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2/19 – 2/23

Popcorn Words:  who, not

Math:  This week in Math we took our Unit 3 Math test.  These tests will be coming home this week.  We started our next unit in Math and got new Math books!  The Kinders were so excited to bring home their Volume 1 Math books this week!  We started the Unit by visiting a “grocery store” in our math books.  The Kinders practiced buying fruit and vegetables while we told addition and subtraction sentences. They also sorted these fruits and vegetables.  They loved playing an unknown partner game with a friend too!  Discovering what the missing partner was in the number in the game!

Readers Workshop:  During Readers Workshop this week we talked about using all of our super power reading strategies again.  We also dipped our toes into retelling stories with transition words.  First, Then, Next and Last are the most common transition words that we use when retelling.  We even use these words as writers to help us tell a story.  We also learned about two new reading strategies, Jabber the Reteller and Punky Pelican.  Jabber the Reteller helps us to remember to retell the story we read.  We re-read a favorite, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, by Eric Litwin and then practiced retelling the story using our retelling words.  Punky Pelican helps us to pay attention to punctuation and reminds us to use our voice as we read.  We noticed making our voice go up and down depending on the punctuation we see.  An exclamation mark tells us that someone is excited.  While a question mark tells us someone is asking a question.


Writers Workshop:  This week we took our first “On Demand” as writers.  An “On Demand” is a test for our writers.  They have to use all of the strategies they have learned during Writers Workshop to show how they can write all by themselves.  First we practiced telling a story across their fingers, sketching the pictures, adding labels to their pictures, adding words (stretching them out all on their own), using capital letters and punctuation.  I am SO PROUD of them!  The Kinders did a GREAT job working hard during our Writers Workshop time to write their best story this week!!

Maps:  This week we continued to talk all about maps.  We looked at maps and talked about maps and made our own map book.  Inside our map book we put our address, wrote our house numbers and street names.  The Kinders loved looking at our globe of the United States and finding our state on it!


8th Grade Visitors:  This week we had a visit from Mrs. Hoey-Heath’s 8th graders.  They read some books with!  We loved having these visitors join us!

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday:  Friday will be Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  In honor of the late Dr. Seuss and his amazing books of rhyme and fun we will be having a fun dress Dr. Seuss-ish day on Friday, March 2!!  The Kinders are encouraged to wear anything Dr. Seuss-ish (colors black, red and white)  on Friday!!

Kindhearted Kinders:  All month long we have talked about showing our kind hearts with our friends and people around us!  The Kinders have been practicing using kind words, kind actions and random acts of kindness throughout our classroom.  Each day I would add several names to our heart board when I caught them being kind!  I am so proud of them!!

Winter Olympics:  We have had so much fun talking all about the Winter Olympics!  The Kinders have loved keeping track of a few countries and their medal earnings!!  Each day we checked the medal earnings and tallied up how many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were won by USA, Canada, Iceland and France.  The Kinders loved this!!  Sadly the games end this weekend.  Way to go team USA!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 26…ART, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 27…STEAM, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28…GYM, LIBRARY.  Homework due.
  • Thursday, March 1…MUSIC.
  • Friday, March 2…ART.  Dr. Suess B-Day!!
  • Friday, March 9…Early Release, Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.
  • March 12 & 14…Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Conference Reminders will be send home this week with your specific date and time.
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Weekly Update


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2/12 – 2/16

Popcorn Words: how, now, map

100’s Day:  Oh what fun it was to start our week with the celebration of our 100th day of school celebration!  The Kinders each brought in their own 100 collections and shared it with their classmates.  It was really fun to see the wide variety of collections!!  We had a fun filled day of celebrating being 100 days smarter!!

Special Visitors: This week we had Miss Yankee’s 2nd graders come to our classroom for a visit!  They came and read us their fiction stories they have worked hard on writing. We enjoyed listening to their stories!

Split Lit: During split lit time this week, we enjoyed trying some new centers to choose from! We practiced reading big books, practiced our popcorn words (using Play-Dough, we made paper watches and did do-a-dots),  listened to books, built words and worked with Mrs. DeGroot (a para-pro working with us). We worked so hard this week during our split lit time!

Reading: This week in reading, we used our voices to bring our books to life! We talked about how it sounds when we read like a robot compared to how it sounds when we read smooth. The Kinders then practiced sounding like a smooth reader when they read! We also noticed punctuation at the end of sentences.

Math: In math this week, we finished up our learning in Unit 2. We will be taking our test for Unit 2 next week. We practiced teen numbers, shapes, adding numbers together and subtracting.

Writing: This week in writing, we continued to write small moment stories. We practice telling our stories in order (first, next and last), sketching our stories in order, starting our sentences with a capital letter, ending our sentences with punctuation, stretching out our words…listening for all of the sounds we hear in words.  We will be doing our first “on demand” story writing soon!  This is a “test” for writing for our Kindergartners.  Kindergartners will have a chance to show everything they have learned and write all on their own during our writing time.

Social Studies:  This week we started our study about what a map is.  The Kindergartners enjoyed making a map of our classroom and drawing a path to a symbol on their map.  It has been fun exploring the different parts on a map.Mystery Readers:

  • Colin was soooo excited to see his Mom walk in as our Mystery Reader on Thursday this week.  Mrs. Wear shared with us the funny book about wanting to always be first, Me First by Helen Lester.  In the end of this funny story we all saw the valuable lesson of maybe not always needing to be first!!  Thanks for visiting with us Mrs. Wear!!

  • On Friday Quinn was totally shocked to see his Dad come through our door as Mystery Reader.  Mr. Byrne shared with us the hilarious book, Orangutangled by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.  A funny book about animals getting into a big mess. We also got to hear another funny story, You Are Not Small by Anna Kang.  An adorable story about how differences are all relative.  Thank you so much for reading to us Mr. Byrne!

Valentine’s Party: We had a super fun Valentine party!!  We had so much fun playing Valentine games, making slime and having Valentine snacks…such a fun-filled day!! Thank you to everyone for helping to make our holiday parties so much fun this year!!

Valentine’s Craft: On Friday, we had fun making a cute Valentine craft! We made adorable dogs that are decorating our classroom right now!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 19…MUSIC, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20…ART, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21…STEAM, LIBRARY, Math Homework Due, *Bring library book.
  • Thursday, Feb. 22…GYM
  • Friday, Feb. 23…MUSIC, Bring Take Home Book, Archer’s B-Day!
  • Friday, March 9…Early Release Day…12:15 p.m. dismissal.
  • March 12 & 14…Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Confirmation times will be sent home soon.
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Short Weekly Update…


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Popcorn Words:  had, bad.

Math:  We worked on teen numbers.  The Kindergartners loved making a teen bracelet.  They added 10 white beads to make a group of ten and then added more colorful beads to make teen numbers.  It was fun to hear them say their teen number sentences as they learned while making these bracelets!

Writers Workshop:  This week we wrote 2 small moment stories.  We wrote a story about getting ready for lunch and another about free choice.  The Kindergartners are gradually doing more and more of the writing on their own.  I am so proud of them!!  This is a hard type of writing for these little ones.  

Readers Workshop:  We worked on our reading super powers this week.  Practicing our skills we have learned throughout our unit on reading strategies that make us super readers.

Outstanding:  Congratulations to Alaina!  She got an Outstanding award from Mrs. Reagan.  She shows the qualities of Being Nice, Working Hard and Learning Well!!  

100’s Day Celebration:  With our snow day we did not have our 100 day celebration.  We will have this celebration on Monday, February. 12.  I can’t wait to have a Marvelous Monday celebration 100 days of learning!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Feb. 12…100 Day Celebration!  Bring 100 Collections to school.  GYM, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13…MUSIC, Valentines Class Party 1:50-3:00 p.m., NO TAKE HOME BOOKS.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14…ART, LIBRARY, Homework Due-Math only.
  • Thursday, Feb. 15…STEAM.  Mrs. Stutz out of classroom in the afternoon. 
  • Friday, Feb. 16…GYM, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, Feb. 23…Archer’s B-Day!
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Jet’s Pizza night!!!


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Calling all pizza lovers!!!

Tomorrow is our school Jet’s Pizza night, Thursday, February 8.  

If you order a Jet’s pizza tomorrow night be sure to give your child’s classroom teachers name.  If our classroom has the most orders placed then we could win a classroom pizza party!!  

So, if your hungry for some pizza or would like a night off from cooking….order Jet’s Pizza and tell them Mrs. Stutz’s classroom!!

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