Quiet Time


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We will no longer be needing our beach towels at school anymore for our quiet time.     As we enter our 2nd month of school our curriculum is building.  Our quiet time will be transitioning into more reader’s workshop time.  Our cuddle buddies will get to stay, we can use those during some fun times throughout our day.  All beach towels that come home can stay at home.   

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Weekly Update…


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10/14 – 10/18

Pumpkins in Disguise!  Thank you for helping your Kinder disguise their pumpkins!  Our bulletin board is a favorite among our whole class!  Finding their own pumpkin and celebrating others.  We even have a sibling’s extra pumpkin hiding in our patch.  I love that this 6th grader wanted to join in on an activity that he did in my Kindergarten class along with his Kindergarten sister!  Once a Kinder, ALWAYS a Kinder!!

Popcorn Words:  stop, go, yes, no

Color Words:  Black & White.  The Kinders made some adorable panda bears using our colors of the week.  They also added to their blue pencil boxes tools with more crayons that included a white crayon!  This was very exciting for them!  New tools are soooo exciting!!

Mr. Corey:  We are so lucky to have a college volunteer that visits our classroom!  Corey Baker is a college student, studying education.  When Mr. Corey (as the Kinders call him) joins us he is a huge help interacting with the Kinders.  Helping them stay on task, complete tasks and the favorite part for Kinders gets to play too!  Thank you for being part of our Kinder team Mr. Corey!

Math:  The Kinders took their first Math test this week.  We wrapped up a whole unit in Math!  Woohoo!!  They worked so hard on writing numbers 1-5, identifying shapes, drawing pictures to show a number and finding groups that represent a number.  These tests will be graded and will be coming home next week.  The Kinders LOVED having their own “office” to complete this test.  Before taking a test in my classroom I always give the “test chant.”  First, we start with some “pizza breathing” (deep breathes to calm our bodies and brains).  Followed by our self-talk that includes repeating:  I am smart, I got this, I am going to try my best, should I worry?  Goodness No!  Then we give ourselves a big hug and a few brain kisses.  The test is read aloud to the Kinders and they complete it by themselves at their seats.  I walk around the classroom to assist if students have questions or are not sure of what it is asking them to do.  I was SOOO proud of these Kinders!  They did a GREAT job of completing their first test!!  Why do the kids have their hands on their shoulders in pictures?  This is the direction they are asked to do when they are finished with a task.  It always me to see if I can move on.  Why are some kids taking a test on the floor?  With the “offices” it can be challenging for space, so I move a few kiddos (randomly) to other areas to have more room to take their tests.

Readers Workshop:  This week we talked about how sometimes with books we might not yet know how to read all the words yet.  We also explored more feelings in books we read.  Using sticky notes to identify a character’s feelings.  We are all learning!  Just like when we were little we didn’t walk right away, we had to crawl, scoot, hold onto things and then we could walk, jog and then run!  Reading is like that too.  We have to learn some sounds, put those sounds together and then use all of our reading tools to practice being a reader.  The kinders used their “eagle eye” to notice that pictures match words in a book.  These pictures can help us figure out a tricky word.  We practiced looking at sentences that had popcorn (sight, snap) words in them.  We read what we could and then looked at the picture to help us figure out a tricky word.  We were “trying lions” and used our “stretchy snake” skills to read these sentences together.

Writers Workshop:  This week in writers workshop the Kinders continued to explore “show and tell” writing.  Show and Tell writing is when we show and tell everything we know about an important topic.  This week the Kinders created a show and tell book that told about an important topic:  Home.  We practiced stretching out sounds we hear in words and writing those letters that match the sounds.  We do start with “sound spelling” in Kindergarten and then move into “dictionary spelling” as the Kinder is ready.  The Kinders worked really hard on thinking about their homes, drawing pictures and writing words to match their drawings.  To generate the pages of our book the Kinders answered the questions:  Where do you eat in your home?  Where do you sleep? and Where do you play?  Each page of our book was the answer to these questions.  Drawing details in our pictures, labeling and writing sentences together as a whole group with Mrs. Stutz modeling as we write.  This group of Kinders LOVES writing time!  I am so excited to see their desire to keep writing and keep drawing details in their books!!

Bus Safety:  This week we had a visit from Mrs. DeZeeuw and Mrs. Reeves, bus drivers in our district.  They shared all of the bus safety rules with us.  

  • No eating on the bus.
  • Sit back to back and bottom to bottom in the seats.
  • Keep our feet and legs out of the aisle.
  • Use quiet voices.
  • Keep hands and arms inside the bus.

We learned that we need to stay behind the yellow line when we are walking on the sidewalk.  The Kinders loved taking a quick ride on the bus together.  In addition, we all practiced how to get on and off the bus safely and how to cross the street in front of the bus.  

Mystery Reader:  Palmer and Connor were THRILLED to see their Mom come through our door as our Mystery Reader this week!  Mrs. Harring read us the adorable book, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Thank you so much for joining us, Mrs. Harring!!

Football Game: Our class is invited to cheer on our Hudsonville Varsity Football Team. Trevor Poisson is our classroom football player that we will be cheering for the loudest! Our kids will meet prior to the game to form a tunnel for the players as they take the field.  A letter will come home this week detailing where to meet and more details.  This is a volunteer activity, no pressure to attend!

A Surprise Visit:  The Kinders were THRILLED to see Mrs. Blauwkamp on Friday!  ME TOO!!  Mrs. Blauwkamp was greeted with a HUGE group hug!  The Kinders LOVED seeing Mrs. Blauwkamp.  We miss her dearly! 

Parent/Teacher Conferences: These will be on Nov. 18 and Nov. 20 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.  To help with the scheduling of these conferences we need you to please fill out this survey:  November Parent/Teacher Conference Survey

Fall Party Update:  Our Fall Party will be on Thursday, Oct. 31 at 2:00 p.m.  The 8 parent volunteers have been contacted.  Thank you for your understanding if you are not able to come to this party.  I have your name listed for the next 2 parties and will be rotating so that you all get the opportunity to attend a party.  If you are interested in providing supplies for our party please go to the following link:  Fall Party Supplies

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 21…GYM
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22…ART, LIBRARY.  *Bring library books back to check out another one today.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23…STEAM
  • Thursday, Oct. 24…MUSIC
  • Friday, Oct. 25…GYM, Wear Orange to celebrate the color of the week.  6:30 p.m. meet at Football Field to cheer on our Hudsonville Eagle Football team and our favorite player Trevor!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 29…Picture Retakes (Pictures will be sent home on Monday, Oct. 21).
  • Thursday, Oct. 31…Fall Classroom Party (2:00-3:00 p.m.)
  • Nov. 18 & Nov. 20…Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Nov. 27 – Nov. 29…NO SCHOOL.  Thanksgiving Vacation
  • Dec. 12…Holiday Music Program, 6:30 p.m. at Fairhaven Church in Jenison.  More details coming as date approaches.


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Football Game Details


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In an earlier blog post details were given about a Football game that we get to cheer on our Hudsonville Eagle football player, Trevor Poisson.  In an earlier blog Oct. 18 was our game night.  That game has changed to the Oct. 25 game.

The football team is honoring several teachers at the Oct. 25 game who made a difference in their lives.  I am so honored to be one of them. 

Each Kinder in our class will be receiving a ticket for the West Ottawa vs. Hudsonville football game.  This game takes place on Friday, October 25 at our Football Stadium located at 3835 Baldwin Street, Hudsonville (behind Georgetown Elementary and next to Baldwin Street Middle School). 

Our Kinders are invited to arrive by 6:30 p.m. to meet me by the grass fields north of the football field.  Our football player will thank each of the kinders for cheering him on.  Our class will then get to walk down to form a tunnel for the team to run through.  Along with other kiddos from our district schools.  After the tunnel your child will be free to enjoy the game and the festivities for the night.  Details will come home as well about this special game.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.  

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Weekly Update…


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10/7 – 10/11

Popcorn Words:  be, me, we, will.

Color word:  Purple.  The Kinders loved hearing the oldy but a goody song, One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.  We also made our own purple craft to match.  These will go nicely as decoration in our classroom for our upcoming fall party.

Writers Workshop:  The Kindergartners focused on Showing and Telling about important places.  We picked to write about the library in our school.  Deciding to show and tell about what we do at the library.  The Kindergartners wrote a 3 page book telling what they do in the library.  We wrote this book together as a class.  The Kinders used all of their illustrator and writing muscles to add more and more to their pictures and words in this book.

Readers Workshop:  In Readers Workshop this week the Kinders practiced looking for how the illustrator shows the feelings of the characters in a book.  They practiced noticing how illustrations in books show strong feelings.  Finding smiling, frowning, scared, sleepy and many more emotion-filled characters.  They also looked at the words in books to see if the words match the illustration that was drawn.  We explored this concept by reading books like Bear Feels Scared, I Was So Mad and Lilly’s Purple Purse. .

Math:  In Math this week the Kinders continued to work on writing their numbers 0-5, comparing numbers and finding the number that corresponds to a picture.  We will be wrapping up our first Unit in Math soon.  The Kindergartners are doing a GREAT job!

Literacy Centers:  The Kindergartners did such an amazing job this week during our Literacy Center time.  They worked hard at rotating to different literacy stations throughout our Literacy time.  The Kinders rotate to 2-3 stations a day where they work independently, with a teacher, a para-pro and on Wednesday’s 2 parent volunteers.  The Kindergartners worked hard at reading to a stuffed animal, reading with a whisper phone, breaking apart sounds in words, letter identification and sight word practice.  I am so proud of them!

Mystery Readers:

  • This week Logan was THRILLED to see her Mom walk in as our Mystery Reader!  Mrs. Folkert read us the book, Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?  We loved this book!!  Thank you for being our Mystery Reader Mrs. Folkert!!

  • Kendall was SO EXCITED to see her Mom surprise us as a Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Laurie read us the book, Too Many Toys.  This book reminded some of us of maybe some messy rooms that we might have seen before.  Thanks for visiting with us Mrs. Laurie.

  • Joshua was SO HAPPY to see his Mom arrive as our Mystery Reader this week.  Mrs. Fountain shared two books with us, Just Ask and My Friend Isabelle.  This month is Down Syndrome awareness.  Both of these books were amazing for the Kinders to learn about Down Syndrome and about how it is ok to ask questions.  Thank you so much for visiting with us Mrs. Fountain!!

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on Nov. 18 and Nov. 20 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.  To help with the scheduling of these conferences we need you to please fill out this survey:  November Parent/Teacher Conference Survey

Fall Party Update:  Our Fall Party will be on Thursday, Oct. 31 at 2:00 p.m.  The 8 parent volunteers have been contacted.  Thank you for your understanding if you are not able to come to this party.  I have your name listed for the next 2 parties and will be rotating so that you all get the opportunity to attend a party.  If you are interested in providing supplies for our party please go to the following link:  Fall Party Supplies

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 14…GYM
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15…LIBRARY, ART
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16…STEAM
  • Thursday, Oct. 17…MUSIC
  • Friday, Oct. 18…Early Dismissal-12:15 p.m., MUSIC, Mahlek’s Birthday!!!, Popcorn Friday, Wear Black and White (colors of the week)
  • Oct. 25…Wear Orange.  Football Game, cheer on Trevor, our Hudsonville Football player.  Our kids will meet prior to game to form a tunnel for players.  Then each gets a ticket to attend the game.  
  • Oct. 29…Picture Retakes
  • Oct. 30…Donations due for Fall Party Supplies
  • Oct. 31…Fall Party
  • Nov. 18…Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Nov. 20…Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Nov. 27 – Nov. 29…NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Vacation
  • Dec. 12…Holiday Program…Details coming



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Book Orders Due


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Just a reminder if you would like to purchase any books from our Scholastic Book flyer that was sent home all Orders are due by Friday, Oct. 11.

You can send in your order form with payment or you can go online to place your orders. 

To Order Online: scholastic.com/bookclubs

Use our Class Code:


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Fall Party Update…


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Hello FABULOUS Kindergarten Parents!  Our Fall Party will be on Thursday, Oct. 31.  I have reached out to the 8 parents that will be helping at this party.  Thank you for your understanding if you do not get to attend this time.  Your names will be added to our Holiday and Valentine’s parties. 

Another way to help is to provide supplies for this party.  Please go to the following signup link to sign up.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.


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Purple Day is Friday!


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Feel free to wear PURPLE on Friday, Oct. 11

to celebrate the color word of the week! 

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Weekly Update…


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9/30 – 10/4

Firefighters Visit:  We LOVED it when the Firefighters came to visit!  Did you know a couple of our classmates’ Dad’s are firefighters?!  Lucy’s Dad was one of the firefighters that came to teach us all about Fire Safety this week.  Firefighter Kent taught us all about how we should not touch matches or lighters and always tell an adult if we find them.  He also showed us the smoke detectors that we ALL should have in our homes.  Giving the Kinders the job of going home and telling parents to be sure to CHANGE THE BATTERIES!  If you DO NOT have a smoke detector in your home PLEASE email me or go to https://www.gtwp.com/226/Fire-Department website and we will help you get these very important safety features for your home.  Firefighter Kent also taught us about 911 and when to call, how to stop, drop and roll.

Firefighter Rich told us all about the uniform that Firefighters wear when they fight fires.  Did you know that it is as heavy as 3 Kindergartners?  That a lot of safety equipment!  We noticed that firefighter Rich looked and sounded different with his equipment on.  He taught us that we should not be afraid of firefighters and that they are there to help us, even if they sound different or look different with their equipment on.

Firefighter Rob was so nice to drive the firetruck around the back of our school, as close as he could, during the untimely rain for us to see.  The Kinders were able to look through the windows to see the firetruck.  Bummer, we were hoping to get a closer look, but the rain had different timing for us.  Thank you so much firefighter Rob for giving us a plan b.  We are SO LUCKY to have these firefighter parents in our classrooms, building and community!  Thank you for visiting with us!!

Popcorn Words:  to, you, do

Color Word of the Week:  Green.  The Kinders LOVED breaking all the playdough rules, they got to mix a little blue and a little yellow to make their own green playdough.  All inspired by the book by Leo Leoni, Little Blue and Little Yellow.  We also made our own Froggy character craft.

Writers Workshop:  This week we had lots of fun being writers that “Show and Tell.”  We explored every detail of objects that we treasure.  The Kinders LOVED bringing in these objects and sharing them.  We learned that illustrators show all the details in the pictures of an object and authors show all the details by adding the words.  The Kindergartners worked on showing EVERY detail of their object and adding EVERY detail of labeling their object.  They really enjoyed taking a “gallery walk” to look at all of their classmates show and tell items.  Our writing skills are getting stronger and stronger!

Readers Workshop:  This week our Kindergartners explored more storybooks.  We dove into storybook classics that we know really well.  The Kinders shared many of their favorite storybooks that they love to hear over and over (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Goldilocks and The Three Bears) were among the most loved.  We practiced retelling these stories using connecting words like First, Then, Next and Last.  The Kinders also practiced using their black book boxes to read independently.  They make a pile of all of their reading materials that are inside this box and then read one at a time cover to cover making a new pile and then starting over again.  What is inside this box for them to read?  A couple of sight word reader books, their poem binders, journals, weekly reader magazine, Three Billy Goats Gruff easy reader.  The Kinders practice looking at pictures to help them tell a story and find words they know in a snap to read.  They REALLY LOVED getting to try out a whisper phone to read to themselves.  I am SOOOO PROUD of these Kinders!!

Math:  The Kinders explored writing more numbers, showing scenes of numbers, finding groups of numbers and telling addition and subtraction stories.  Each day the Kinders work hard on counting by 1’s and 10’s.  They also explore how a number is broken into tens and ones, helping to count the number of days we have been in school so far.  We are up to 28 (2 groups of ten and 8 ones) days of school!!

Mystery Readers this week:

  • On Wednesday James was so surprised to see his Mom, Mrs. Parnacott, walk in as our Mystery Reader!  Mrs. Parnacott read us the timely book, Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.  The Kinders LOVED this funny book and visit from Mrs. Parnacott.  Thank you for visiting and reading to us Mrs. Parnacott!  Also, for the gift of the book to our classroom library.

  • On Thursday Sloane was absolutely shocked to see her Mom, Mrs. Bottrell, was our Mystery Reader!  Mrs. Bottrell read us one of her childhood favorites, A Treasury of Jillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman.  The Kindergartners LOVED this silly story about Jillian and our visit from Mrs. Bottrell.  Thank you for visiting with us and reading to us Mrs. Bottrell!  

Goodbye to Mrs. Blauwkamp: On Friday, we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Blauwkamp, our AMAZING student teacher.  Mrs. Blauwkamp has been an INCREDIBLE amount of help to me during these first 6 weeks of school.  She will be moving to her next placement for the next 6 weeks of her graduate program.  We will miss her DEARLY!!!  Our Kinders loved giving her a gift basket full of teacher items and some of her favorite things.  Mrs. Blauwkamp was so generous and also gave us a book, I Knew You Could, for our classroom library and some special treats!  Thank you for being part of our educational journey Mrs. Blauwkamp we will MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 7…MUSIC, Culver’s Night (Come support our school and have dinner at Culver’s.  A portion of the proceeds will go to our school.  Mrs. Stutz will be working from 5:30-6:30 p.m.  Come see me!).
  • Tuesday, Oct. 8…GYM, LIBRARY – be sure to help your Kinder to bring their library book!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9…ART
  • Thursday, Oct. 10…STEAM, Jet’s Pizza Night (Order pizza from Jet’s tonight.  Mention your child’s teachers name and the most classroom with the most orders wins a Pizza Party!).
  • Friday, Oct. 11…MUSIC, Wear Purple!
  • Oct. 18…Mahlek’s Birthday!!!
  • Oct. 25…Football game fun!  Details coming soon.  Our class is invited to form a tunnel for the football players to walk onto the field.  Then able to enter the game for free to support our football team and special player Trevor, # 87
  • Thursday, Oct. 31…Fall Class Party 2:00-3:00 p.m.  Sign-up for donations will be coming soon.
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Wear GREEN Friday, Oct. 4


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Wear your GREEN on Friday, Oct. 4 to celebrate our color of the week!

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Fall Party


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Our Fall Party planning has begun.  We have 2 parents from our classroom that are coordinating our upcoming Fall Party.  A list of supplies will be given soon and I will post what is needed. 

8 volunteers may attend our party.  I will be selecting 4 parents of boys and 4 parents of girls.  If you get to attend our Fall Party then we will give other parents a turn at the next parties throughout the year (we will have a Holiday Party and a Valentines Day Party).  Thank you for your patience and understanding of this rule. 

All volunteers must have completed a Background Form and be approved.  

Please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net to let me know if you would like to volunteer to help at our party, if you have not done so already.  

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