Weekly Update


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10/15 – 10/19

Popcorn Words:  yes, no, stop, go.

Color of the weekOrange.  We found all things orange this week.  Read books that had orange pumpkins in them and made adorable orange tigers on Friday.  Next week we will explore the color brown.

Math:  This week we took our first Math test.  The Kindergartners made their own “offices” using books as dividers.  They settled in and did a GREAT job of working hard on answering all the questions on the Unit 1 Math test.  These tests will be graded and given to you at our November conference time.  We started to work on Unit 2 in Math this week.  Diving into finding groups of 5 and then some more to make numbers greater than 5.  They loved having our Math games on Friday.  The Kinders wrote the room and counted fall objects and then wrote the number on their recording sheets.  They also got to play a game where they used a paperclip to spin and then find the number they landed on.  We also played a fun roll and cover game.  The kindergartners love these Friday Math games.

Writers Workshop:  The kindergartners have done an excellent job of illustrating with great detail and then matching the words to the picture they draw.  We worked on using our popcorn words of the week in our writing.  Writing about stop signs, traffic lights, walking in line and making green choices.  After we wrote we got to share our writing with our friends.  It was awesome to hear them compliment each other and feel proud of their illustrating and writing. 

Readers Workshop:  This week we learned about the differences between an “all about the world” book (non-fiction) and “storybooks” (fiction).  The kindergartners learned that storybook readers look at the pictures, remember and read.  Also, learning that the words and pictures match in storybooks.  The kinders added a storybook and another all about the world book to their blue boxes this week. They are doing a great job of looking at these books quietly during our readers’ workshop time every day.  Sitting back to back with their reading buddy and practicing private reading.   Then sitting side by side with their partner to show details in their books.  We will talk more about storybooks next week.

Handwriting:  This week we wrapped up our “counter clock-wise” lower case letters.  The kindergartners did a GREAT job working each day on practicing how to make these letters.  Some of these can be hard to make.  Any extra practice of writing these letters at home is helpful.

Literacy:  We worked hard during our Literacy Stations times this week.  Practicing in small groups various literacy skills.  The Kinders practiced letter sounds, letter ID, sight word recognition, rhyming and segmenting sounds.  I am already beginning to reaccess students in preparation for our November parent/teacher conferences.  I can’t wait to share their progress with you.

Star Students:  We have wrapped up our first-star student activity.  Next week we will begin our second-star student activity, having lunch with Mrs. Stutz.  Look for the second-star student “lunch date” papers coming home soon.  Your child will share their star student day with another Kindergartner and have lunch with me.  They are welcome to order a hot lunch on that day or bring a lunch from home.  We will have enough time to get their lunch they plan to eat on their star student day.  

Mystery Readers:

  • Thursday our class was surprised by Mrs. Baker’s whole class!  They surprised us with reading us the book, Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We LOVED having them visit and read to us!  Thanks for being our Mystery Readers Mrs. Baker’s class!!

  • Friday we were excited to see Charlotte’s Mom appear as our Mystery Reader.  Charlotte was so happy to sit by her Mom as she read us the book,  Brave Charlotte by Anu Stohner and Henrike Wilson.  An adorable story about a brave little sheep, Charlotte.  We loved how the main character in the story had the same name as our friend Charlotte!!  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 22…MUSIC, LIBRARY, Please return library books today.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23…GYM, Turkey Trot in the p.m. for those who signed up.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24…ART
  • Thursday, Oct. 25…STEAM
  • Friday, Oct. 26…MUSIC, Popcorn Friday, Wear Brown.
  • Monday, Oct. 29…Headphones labeled with names to school for STEAM use.  
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30…School Picture Retakes.  Return original picture package on this day if you plan to have retakes done.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31…10:15-11:30 a.m.  Fall Class Party and Parade.  Our parade will take place at 10:15 a.m.  Our classroom party will begin after the parade, about 10:30 a.m.  If you plan to attend please be sure to have your background form completed.  Your kinder is welcome to wear their costume on this day.  If they wish to change into it at school please send it in a bag for them to change into.  No weapons, scary, gory make-up or masks will be allowed.  Please email me if you have any questions (jstutz1@hpseagles.net).  

Other photos from the week:

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Orange day tomorrow!


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Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 19 is Orange day in K!  We are celebrating the color of the week by wearing anything orange.

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Weekly Update…


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10/8 – 10/12

Color Words:  Black, white.  The kindergartners explored all objects black and white.  Adding more crayons to their pencil boxes that included the white crayon!  They were so excited!!  They LOVE new tools!  I couldn’t resist giving out a fun black and white snack….OREOS!  Our classroom was filled with oreo cookie monsters!  They also enjoyed making an adorable panda bear craft where they used a fork to make the fur of the panda bear.  They turned out adorable!!

Popcorn Words:  be, me, we, will.  The kindergartners found these words in our daily messages, emergent reader books and wrote them in their journals.

Math:  This week we wrapped up our Unit 1 in Math.  The Kindergartners explored shapes that have straight lines and no straight lines.  They sorted objects as a whole group into these two categories.  The kinders also completed a series of dot-to-dot pictures in their Math workbooks.  We also worked on finding groups of objects of a given number.  The kinders had the most fun making pictures using shapes.  They loved using our magnetic shapes and making works of art together.  We will be having our first Math test next week.

Writers Workshop:  We are doing so well with exploring deeper how to tell stories using pictures and then adding details, labels, and words to complete our story.  This week we focused on what it is like when we go to specials.  First, picturing in our minds what it looks like in each special, who is there, who the teacher is, what it looks like.  Then we sketched our pictures and added labels and a sentence to complete our writing.  We are focusing on adding true details to our pictures.  Drawing only what we really see and what really has happened.  We are becoming GREAT illustrators and authors!

Handwriting:  This week we started to work on counterclockwise letters (a, c, d, e, f, g, o, q ).  The kindergartners have a new handwriting booklet they are working on these letters with.  We explore making these letters on chalkboards, on paper and even imaginary write them using our fingers only.

Readers Workshop:  The Kindergartners are really doing a great job of building their reading habits.  This week we learned how to read books 3 different ways.  We can read books by looking at pictures and telling a story, reading words we know and reading stories we already know.  The kinders practiced these skills each day during readers workshop.  They used the emergent reader books that we practice as a whole group during our literacy time each day.  We also added another tool to help us organize how to look at our books each day, a reading mat (a file folder with green and red dots).  The kinders organize their books into a pile first on the red dot side and then look/read a book all the way through and then place it on the green side of their mat.  They read through their pile of books fully and then start again.  The kinders also got their own reading buddy this week.  Learning how to read back to back privately during readers workshop time.  Also, sitting side by side to share a favorite part in a book.  The kinders are doing a GREAT job during this time in our day.  It has been so amazing to see their excitement each time they pick up a book and explore what’s inside.  Hearing them tell themselves a story and really focus on the mini-lesson that is taught to them each day.  I am SO PROUD of them!

Literacy:  We have started to work in small groups this week to practice our literacy skills.  Kinders worked with me and our para-pro Mrs. Richter or Mrs. Elders to work on our letter ID, letter sounds, stretching words, rhyming, and other reading skills.  Any extra practice at home with sight words, letter ID and letter sound practice is always a GREAT support.  Mastering these skills helps your kinder grow in their reading ability.  We will continue to work in small groups and large groups each day to build our literacy skills.

Headphones Needed:  Our STEAM teacher, Mrs. Totten is asking that your kinder bring in headphones (the type you can plug into a computer) to keep at school to use during STEAM class throughout the year.  These headphones do not need to be fancy.  Often they can be found at Five Below, where you can purchase them for under $5.00.  If you could please send in a pair of headphones marked with your child’s name by Nov. 1 it would be greatly appreciated.  If you cannot send in headphones we do have extra for them to use.

November Parent Teacher Conferences:  Please be sure to complete  this survey as soon as possible.  This survey will help us schedule your kinders conference.  The survey closed Oct. 19 at 11:59 p.m.  I can’t wait to share your kindergartner’s progress with you!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 15…STEAM, LIBRARY, Be sure to bring your library book today.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 16…MUSIC
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17…GYM
  • Thursday, Oct. 18…ART
  • Friday, Oct. 19…STEAM, Wear Orange.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23…Turkey Trot (for those who signed up)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30…School Picture Retakes.  Please return the original picture package on this day.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31…Fall Class Party and Parade 10:15-11:30 a.m.  The kindergarten parade will take place at 10:15 a.m.  Our classroom party will begin after the parade, about 10:30 a.m.  *Note the time change of our party.  If you plan to attend please be sure to have your background form completed.  The form can be completed by click on this Background Form
  • Your kinder is welcome to wear their costume on this day.  If they wish to change into at school please send it in a bag for them to change into it.  Please do not include weapons of any type with costumes.  No scary, gory make-up or masks will be allowed.  Please email me if you have any questions.
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Wear Black and White tomorrow!


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Tomorrow we are celebrating our color words of the week by wearing them! Remember to wear BLACK and WHITE tomorrow!



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Weekly Update


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10/1 – 10/5

Color of the weekPurple.  We had lots of fun with all things purple this week.  The Kinders loved hearing the song, Purple People Eater.  They loved hearing this classic song, often dancing and singing along to it during our brain break times.  We also had A LOT of fun remembering our little blue and little yellow story of how they made green.  We learned that we could do the same with a little red and a little blue!!  The kinders got to make their own little green and little purple to bring home with playdough!  Also, making their own purple people eater craft!  They look GREAT on our wall for our fall decorating!

Popcorn Wordsto, do, you.  We wrote, found and learned all about these words this week.  Discovering that letters make different sounds sometimes.  Like the letter o and u in these words.

Math:  This week we wrapped up writing our numbers 0 – 9.  The kinders brought these number writing books home this week.  We also worked really hard on finding groups of objects numbers 1-4, telling addition and subtraction story problems.  The kindergartners are becoming GREAT mathematicians!!

Writers Workshop:  We did a great job this week working on our shared experience writing.  The kinders added as many details as they could to their pictures.  Trying to focus on really making the reader of their story feel like they could picture and see what they as the writer experienced.  We worked hard on hearing the sounds and writing the letters that match for our labeling.  The kinders have worked really well on stretching words as we write.

Readers Workshop:  The kindergartners did an awesome job this week during their private read time.  Reading/looking at their good fit books during readers workshop time.  They also learned all of the many parts of a book (front cover, back cover, title page, pictures, words, etc.).  We practiced getting right to work during our private read time.  The kinders also worked hard on staying quiet the whole time, reading the whole time, and staying in one spot the whole time during this private read time.  After private read time, the kinders LOVE picking a favorite part in a book and sharing with a partner.  We have LOTS OF BOOK LOVERS in our classroom!!!

Handwriting:  We started to work on our writing of lowercase letters this week.  Focusing on the “straight line family” first.  These letters have straight lines when we write them.  We practiced the letters l, t and i this week.  The kinders did a GREAT job!  They brought these letters home with them this week in their first handwriting booklet.  We will continue with letter writing next week as we explore the counterclockwise letter family.


Literacy:  This week we focused on letters and sounds.  Discovering that letters make up words.  The kinders also colored a worksheet of firetrucks that had letters, sentences and words on them.  They did a great job of distinguishing between what as a letter, word or sentence.  We also did a great job during some small group time with letter sound practice.  Finding sounds at the beginning of words and matching the correct letter to the sound we hear in a fun Pete the Cat game.  We will continue to build on our literacy skills as our year continues.  The kinders will work in small groups and whole group with specific literacy skills.  Focusing on letter ID, letter sounds, popcorn/sight word practice and beginner reader skills.

Mystery Reader:  Charlotte was so shocked and excited to see her Grandma walk through our door as our Mystery Reader Friday.  Charlotte’s Grandma read us the book, The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head by Ann Seidler and Jan Slepian.  A hilarious tale about a cat who wore a pot on her head and gets so mixed up when her Momma tells her what to do.  Thanks for visiting with us Charlotte’s Grandma!!

Star Students of the Week:

Football Fun:  The kinders had a GREAT job making a tunnel for our Hudsonville Football team at Friday’s game.  It was so fun to see them give high 5’s to our class Football Player, Trevor Poisson #88!  Also, encouraging the visiting team, Rockford as they came through to the field.  Thanks for being a part of this fun event!!

Fire Safety:  We had so much fun learning all about Fire Safety with our visiting Firefighters.  They taught us all about the difference between a toy and a tool.  Teaching us the importance of NEVER touching matches or a lighter and ALWAYS telling an adult if we find these kinds of tools.  We also got to see all the parts of a firefighters gear.  Noticing that when the firefighter put on all of his gear he sounded different.  But, we learned that we didn’t need to be scared of that, he was still the same firefighter.  They taught us how to listen to a smoke detector in our homes, it was LOUD!   We used our LOUD voices so firefighters can hear us if we ever need help.  We all practiced  STOP, DROP and ROLL.  Then we got to go outside and see the firetruck!!  They have A LOT of tools they use to keep us safe!!  We LOVED our Firefighters visit!!

Walk-a-thon:  With the rain on Friday we were not able to walk outside.  The kinders did such an amazing job switching to plan b and enjoyed our inside walk-a-thon.  We had so much fun with Mrs. Elders as she taught us a fun Zumba dance!  Then we were surprised by our 5th-grade buddies and we got to walk the halls with them!!  Thank you ALL so much for the donations and understanding of our plan B!!  I so appreciate all that you do for our school!!  All walk-a-thon donations are due Monday, Oct. 8.


  • Thank you for sending 2 healthy snacks every day.  We have an a.m. and p.m. snack time every day.  I do always have graham crackers available if you forget 🙂
  • We have an early release on Friday, Oct. 12.  Students will be dismissed by 12:15 p.m.  If you need to order a sack lunch please be sure to let me know by Thursday, Oct. 11

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 8…STEAM, LIBRARY *Don’t forget to return your library book!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9…MUSIC, Keaton’s B-day!!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10…GYM
  • Thursday, Oct. 11…ART, Jet’s Pizza Night (the class with the most orders wins a pizza party!).
  • Friday, Oct. 12…ART, Early Dismissal – 12:15 p.m., Wear Black and White Day in K!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30…Picture Retakes (return picture packet if getting retakes)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31…Fall Classroom Party 2:00-3:15 p.m.  K parade at 2:00, the party following.
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Walk-a-thon UPDATE


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Due to the rain that is here, we are forced to cancel the walk-a-thon outside. We will still be having fun with the kids, but since it is inside, we do not have enough room for parents to fit as well. The kids will be doing Zumba in the Multi-Purpose room. Thank you for understanding!! 

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Walk-a-thon tomorrow!


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Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 5 will be our Georgetown Elementary Walk-a-thon!!  Be sure to dress your Kindergartener in comfy shoes!  We will be enjoying some time outside walking from 9:45-10:15 a.m.  You are welcome to come  join us behind our school on the Georgetown “track”, located by our 2/3 playground.  Just walk around the building and join the fun.  

Our theme of our walk-a-thon this year is “the 80’s”.  Your child is welcome to dress in 80’s theme or in their Hudsonville blue and maize!  

If it rains our plan B will be a walk-a-thon inside.  This will change our ability to accommodate extra visitors.  Please watch your email for updates on the event if you are planning to attend.  Mrs. Reagan will keep every posted.


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Purple Day Tomorrow…


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We will be celebrating our color (PURPLE) of the week tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 4

Wear your Purple!

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Fall Party Update


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Hello Fabulous Kindergarten Parents!

I am so excited to provide you with a signup link for our Fall Party donations.

Fall Party

Please sign up for donations on this link.  If you have any questions or need help please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net

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Weekly Update


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9/24 – 9/28

Popcorn Words:  is, his, this.  The Kindergartners learned that “s” makes a different sound at the end of the word “his” and “is”.  Also, quickly noticing that the word is, is hiding in the words his and this.  We had fun finding these words in our daily messages and in books.  A note with our month of popcorn/sight words came home this week.  Included were the flashcards of each sight word and color word that has been introduced into our classroom for the month of September.  These are meant to stay at home for practice with your child.  If you need any additional copies please email me and I will be sure to get them to you.

Color WordGreen.  We explored all things green this week.

Star Students of the Week:

Math:  This week we continued to work on our counting to 100  with our Math time warm up.  We explored a few different shapes this week too.  Looking at squares, circles, rectangles and even triangles.  The Kindergartners did a great job of comparing these shapes.  Learning that comparing means to see the differences and similarities in two things.  They were able to compare a circle with non-circles and sorted those shapes as a class.  The Kindergartners also used their Math tool boxes and practiced making numbers 6-10.  We concentrated on making these numbers with a group of 5 and then some more.  The Kindergartners used the single tiles to make 5 and then added more to make up these number.  They also quickly noticed that a 5 strip is much faster to make up 5 versus counting out 5 tiles.  They did a great job!

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to work on using pictures to tell a story.  First, we thought of an event that we wanted to share.  Then, we pictured it in our minds.  Next, we practiced drawing on a whiteboard all the details we wanted to share.  Adding extra details and labels to our drawings.  We then drew these stories onto paper.  We are becoming very good at stretching sounds and adding details to our stories.  Focusing on hearing the sounds as we write and label.

Readers Workshop:  This week we concentrated on being “Book Lovers.”  We learned that book lovers treat books carefully, pick a book, and look at it by turning one page at a time.  All of us decided we want to be Book Lovers and NOT Book Bullies!  The kinders did a GREAT job of finding books that needed some extra love and placed them in our Book Hospital for some TLC repair.  We also talked about Reader Respect during Readers Workshop time this week.  Learning that when we read we need to remember a few things:  we read quietly, stay in one spot, read the whole time and get started right away.  They are becoming amazing little lovers of books!

Handwriting:  This week we finished practicing our writing of numbers 0-9.  The Kindergartners did a GREAT job working on this number writing over the last few weeks.  They added the number 10 on the back cover of their Number Writing Book.  We focused on the proper formation of writing numbers.  Noticing that some numbers are trickier than some.  Like the numbers 2, 5 and 8.  Those seem to be the trickiest.  These Number Writing Books came home this week.  Please refer to these for extra practice when working with your child on number writing practice at home.

Shared Reading:  We worked on finding the letters Ee and Ff in poems.  The Kindergartners helped by coloring these letters and even noticing popcorn words in the poems.

Eagles Spirit:  The Hudsonville superfans, football players, cheerleaders, and Hudsonville Eagle Mascot brought some spirit to our school on Friday!  We had a lot of fun listening to their cheers, drums and participating in a fun cheer-off with them!  We were pumped and ready roll after their visit!!  It must have worked because Hudsonville won their game Friday night!!  Congratulations to the team!!

5th Grade Buddies:  We had a blast with our 5th-grade buddies on Friday too!  They visited with us and helped us make our own Eagle Spirit Puppet.  We love spending time with them!

October 5 Game:  As mentioned before our classroom is lucky to have a Hudsonville Football player, Trevor Poisson visit with us throughout the football season.  His visits are due to an honor that was given to many teachers in our district.  I was chosen as a teacher who has made a difference.  With this honor comes a ticket for each Kinder to the football this Friday, October 5.  Our class, along with several others in the district will get to form a tunnel for the football players to run through to start the game.  After we form our tunnel each Kinder has a ticket to attend the game if they wish.  These tickets will be sent home with your child this week.  Along with a letter detailing where to meet Friday evening if you wish to be part of our special time at the game, there is NO OBLIGATION for you to participate in this event.

Walk-a-thon:  What is a Walk-a-thon?  It is our one fundraiser that we do for Georgetown Elementary.  It helps us go on field trips, buy books, family events, playground equipment and popcorn days.  Each student that raises $30 will receive a Hudsonville Eagles water bottle.  Top Earners for the school will win a Bowling Party with Mrs. Reagan.  Top Earners for each grade will receive a pizza lunch with Mrs. Reagan.  Top Earning class will win a Limo Ride and lunch to Pizza Ranch!!  Everyone who donates is entered into a drawing for prizes.  It is a fun time for the students to participate in a walk outside together as well.  Parents are welcome to attend and walk with your child.  We will be outside from 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.  Students are encouraged to dress like the 80’s or wear our school colors, Blue and Maize!  It is always a fun time!  Be sure to dress your Kinder in comfortable shoes that day.  If you have ANY questions please feel free to email me (jstutz1@hpseagles.net).

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 1…LIBRARY, ART *Don’t forget to bring your library book!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 2…STEAM,
  • Wednesday, Oct. 3…MUSIC
  • Thursday, Oct. 4…GYM, Wear Purple in K!
  • Friday, Oct. 5…ART, Walk-a-thon (we will be walking at 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.). All parents are welcome to join us on the track – behind Georgetown Elementary – 2/3 and 4/5 playground area. 6:30 p.m. meet for the game.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9…Keaton’s B-Day!
  • Friday, Oct. 12…Early Dismissal – 12:15 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23…Turkey Trot
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30…Picture Retakes
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31…2:00 K parade, classroom party to follow.
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