School Supply List


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I hope you are all having a FANTASTIC summer! I can’t believe it’s already July!  If your out and about hitting the summer school supply sales please keep in mind the following:

School Supplies:

  • 2 LARGE glue sticks (not labeled, we will be sharing)
  • spiral 70- count notebook (labeled with your name)
  • pack of 8-10 thick washable markers
  • pack of Expo/dry erase markers- any color- pack of 3 or more (not labeled, we will be sharing)

Wish List Supplies: 

  • Standard Sheet Protectors (can be found at the dollar store sometimes)
  • Play-dough
  • Play-dough tools
  • Kleenex
  • Clorox wipes
  • Band-Aids 

Others (Items needed the first week of school):

  • Cuddle Buddy- a small stuffed animal to stay in your locker the first few weeks of school (labeled with name)
  • Gym Shoes (labeled with name-these will stay at school all year)
  • Lunch box (labeled with name)
  • Backpack (labeled with name)

Please e-mail me at with any questions.  I have loved meeting some of you already and can’t wait to meet ALL of you before we know it! Happy early 4th of July! Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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Boxtops and Coke Caps!


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It’s Summer… BOXTOPS and COKE CAPS and MORE!


  • Did you know that every BOXTOP and every COKE CAP collected earns money for our school?   This summer we would like you to work hard to collect both.  The money we earn will go toward a basketball hoop on our K/1 playground!
  • BOXTOPS:  Every completed BOXTOP sheet is worth $5.00.  If every child from Georgetown (approx 550) fills  one sheet this summer, our school will earn $2,750.   Many thanks to Lori Simpson and all of you who are on her team of BOX TOP counters, trimmers and packers.  This is a great program that pays off because of all of YOU!     Download your form here:  Summer Box TopsCOKE CAPS:  Super easy. Save the caps and go online to enter collection!  COKE WEBSITE  (   Select Georgetown Elementary and enter the code on the cap.   Now you can recycle the cap.  No need to send it to school.

AND…don’t forget about your FAMILY FARE/D&W receipts.  Those add up too!  SAVE these all summer long and

Finally…AMAZON SMILE.  Order everything from AMAZON through our smile link to earn our school MONEY!

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Welcome to Mrs. Stutz’s Kindergarten Classroom!

You are visiting my blog because you’ll be in my room next year! I am thrilled to welcome you and your child to my classroom!

Please take some time to explore all of the pages, posts, and links on our blog.

  • Be sure to check out the About Me page on the top of my homepage.
  • Sign up for email updates by filling in your e-mail address in the “subscribe by e-mail” rectangle located on the upper right-hand column.

Our class blog will be the site for information about school supplies, special events, pictures, curriculum, assessments, and so much more.

A school supply list will be posted on July 1. Later in the summer, I will provide information on the blog about the August Open House.

Be sure to sign up for blog updates so that you stay informed. This will be my primary way of communicating with parents throughout the year.

Feel free to contact me through email ( if you have any questions or concerns prior to meeting at Open House. Enjoy your summer and I look forward to meeting you and your child at the end of August!

Take Care,

Mrs. Stutz

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Kindergarten Olympic Fun!


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Weekly Update…


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May 30 – June 2

Countdown to Summer:  This week we had fun with discovering what our fun countdown activity would be.  The Kindergartners enjoyed some chalk day fun, pen fun and bubble blowing outside.  We used chalk all day with our academic tasks.  The kindergartners loved going outside with their chalk to decorate the bus loop.  Oh what fun we had with writing with our pen all day too.  The Kindergarteners were all having so much fun writing with this new tool.  At free choice it was pretty cute to see them collecting autographs from their classmates using their colorful pens.  Our bubble fun was also enjoyable.  The Kindergarteners loved how the bubbles came in a “popsicle” style container.  The loved being able to go outside and fill the sky with bubbles.

Writer’s Workshop:  We had a lot of fun creating our Father’s Day gifts for Dad during Writer’s Workshop this week.  The Kindergartners can’t wait to give these gifts to Dad.  They have all been sent home.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t leave Dad out of our fun creating before school is out for the year.  We hope Dad enjoys these gifts for Father’s Day!

Social Studies:  We are wrapping up our study of U.S. symbols.  The Kindergartners have learned about our Flag, American Eagle, Liberty Bell, White House and Statue of Liberty.  They are really excited when they see these symbols!  Many of them discovering symbols in books they read! 

Olympic Fun:  We had such a beautiful day for our Kindergarten Olympics!!  Thank you all for supporting your little Olympian!!  They were all so excited and seemed to have a great day of fun competing and playing with one another.  Thank you to all of the fabulous volunteers too.  We couldn’t have done this day without your help!!  I hope your Kindergartner had fun!!  They got to wrap up their Olympic day fun by enjoying our school Talent Show of 3rd – 5th grade performers.  A fun way to end our week together!!  If you have any fun Olympic Day pic’s and would like to share them, please send them my way…  

Backpacks:  As our time in Kindergarten is coming to an end many items have been coming home.  Please be sure to check your Kinders backpack for items that can stay home (headphones, gym shoes, name tags, etc.).  

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, June 5…STEAM
  • Tuesday, June 6…GYM
  • Wednesday, June 7…MUSIC, Savannah’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Thursday, June 8…ART, Evie’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Friday, June 9…STEAM, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m. 
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Report Cards…


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Dear Parents,

District wide, elementary schools follow the tradition of mailing report cards out on June 16 with delivery on Monday, June 19.  We have the option to send report cards as a pdf via email on June 16 @ 4pm.  This allows you to receive your child’s report card sooner.  

I plan to send report cards via email.  If you prefer to receive your child’s report card by mail, please email me at

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Our Kindergarten Olympics are being held tomorrow, Friday, June 2!  Hooray!!

Here are a few reminders:

  • Parent volunteers are asked to be on the Kindergarten playground at 8:45 a.m. for instructions.  Games should be finished around 12:00.
  • Don’t forget to  wear tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirts.  We will be running and playing lots of games.  NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS PLEASE!!
  • Please send a home lunch and drink  for your Kindergartener.  We will be eating a picnic lunch as a class.  Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch on our playground.  If you are planning on bringing your kinder’s lunch with you….PLEASE SEND A NOTE INSIDE THEIR FOLDER LETTING ME KNOW OF THIS.
  • Please send a water bottle with your child’s name clearly marked on the outside.  It is going to be WARM and we will want to stay hydrated during our games.
  • Apply sun screen BEFORE coming to school. 
  • Volunteering parents please dress in comfy active clothes.  You will be walking around with the kinders helping them play the games.  Don’t forget to pack yourself a lunch too!!

We can’t wait to enjoy a fun filled morning with all our Kindergarten classrooms!!  Let the games begin!! 

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Weekly Update


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May 22 – 26

Popcorn Words:  Review of words from the year.

Math:   We wrapped up our study of Unit 5 by taking a Math test this week.  Your child’s Math test will be coming home soon.  It’s amazing to see how far we have come!!  For the rest of the school year we will review our concepts from the year and have some fun with Math.

Readers Workshop:  We have been continuing to celebrate being readers!  We had fun Friday reading our books with some fun Memorial Day inspired sunglasses.  I am continuing to test your little readers up until the end of the school year.  Giving them every last moment to reach their independent reading level.

Writers Workshop:  We have completed our Opinion Writing on demand.  We celebrated our completion by having Ms. Yankee’s class join us for some sharing and fun.  The Kindergarteners joined a friend and shared their Opinion of which restaurant was their favorite and why.  After they shared their writing they then got to decide which candy is better?  A starburst or chocolate?  We had 37 Kindergarteners who had the opinion that starburst candy is the best.  While another 7 believed that chocolate was the best.  The Kindergarteners also enjoyed writing their own All About our Flag book.  We will review the many different writing genres for the remainder of the year.  Your child’s Opinion writing will be coming home soon.

Social Studies:  We have started our study of U.S. Symbols.  We have learned all about our American Flag, Statue of Liberty and the Bald Eagle.  The Kindergarteners have enjoyed this study of symbols.  They even made up an impromptu jingle about the Statue of Liberty.  We had so much making our own hats and then creating our own parade through our classroom, to the office and then saying our Pledge of Allegiance under our school flagpole.  They are AMAZING kids!!  We will continue to study  more U.S. Symbols for the remainder of the school year.

5th Grade Buddies:  We were able to join our 5th grade buddies on the K playground for some yummy red, white and blue popsicle fun!  We LOVE spending time with them!!

Kindergarten Olympics:  On Friday, June 2 we will be having a fun time of games and Kindergarten fun!  Please ensure that your Kindergartener wears tennis shoes on Olympic day…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCKS PLEASE!  A water bottle labeled with their name is also needed for Friday, June 2.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  If you are a volunteer for our Olympics please plan to arrive at 8:45 a.m. for instructions on the K/1 playground.  ALL parents and younger siblings are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch on the playground.  We will be having our picnic lunch at 12:00 p.m.  PLEASE EMAIL ME AT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!!

Mystery Reader:  Eliana was sooooo surprised when she saw her “superhero” family come into our classroom as our Mystery Reader!  Eliana’s Mom (Batwoman) Dad (Superman) and little brother Elijah (superman in training) shared two stories with us.  We loved the story of The Big Wide Mouthed Frog by Ana Martin Larranaga.  Thankfully the frog outsmarted the hungry crocodile in the end!  We also enjoyed the classic by Dr. Suess, The Sneetches.  Seeing how important it is to just be you and love others as they are too!

Thank you:  A BIG THANKS to Ms. Yankee for inviting us to join them as they released their frogs and butterflies!!  We are looking forward to releasing our butterflies when we return to school.  Such an exciting time!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 29…NO SCHOOL!  Happy Memorial Day!
  • Tuesday, May 30…STEAM
  • Wednesday, May 31…GYM
  • Thursday, June 1…MUSIC, Cruz’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Friday, June 2…ART, Kindergarten Olympics
  • Saturday, June 3…Ty’s B-Day!
  • Monday June 5…STEAM
  • Tuesday, June 6…GYM
  • Wednesday, June 7…MUSIC, Savannah’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Thursday, June 8…ART, Evie’s Summer B-Day Celebration!
  • Friday, June 9…STEAM, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL…Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.
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Red Nose Day!


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Today we celebrated Red Nose Day!  A cause near and dear to my heart.  The Kids enjoyed a quick video of kids explaining what Red Nose Day is all about.  They learned that Red Nose Day is about helping everyone get the things they need.  When you purchase a Red Nose you help donate to those in need.  To date this amazing charity has raised over $1 billion globally.  Hope your little Kinders enjoyed the silly Red Nose today.

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