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1/22 – 1/26

Popcorn Words: he, she 

Our popcorn words this week were he, she. We did many different activities this week to reinforce learning these new words.


Math: In math this week, we continued working on Unit 3. We focused on sorting by different sizes, colors and attributes. We talked about things that are the same and different. We practiced our number sense, by drawing circles to represent the number shown. We also practiced counting a number of objects and writing the correct number that’s represented by objects. Learning if numbers/objects are equal or not equal is something else we learned this week. 

Math Games: We had fun on Friday playing math games.  We had fun building numbers  on a snowball where we used unifix cubes to match a number. The last math game we played was to go on a polar bear hunt. The kids had to search for numbers hidden around the room and match them to their paper. We also practiced using Math manipulative to practice addition and subtraction.  Math games on Fridays are always a favorite!!


Reading: In reading this week, we practiced using our SUPER READING POWERS when we read!! We focused on our “POINTER POWER”, “SNAP POWER” and “SOUND POWER”. When your child is reading to you at home when practicing their take home book, please practice using these powers. 

“POINTER POWER” is when you practice pointing to each word as you read. The kinders have learned to tap one time under each word when reading. We use rings with wiggly eyes to wear on our pointer finger to help them remember to use their pointer power!


“SNAP POWER” is when the kinders practice reading the words they know in a snap. We talked about how we’ve practiced a lot of popcorn words this year. They can read those words in a snap!

“SOUND POWER” is when we practice listening to the sounds we read.  We practiced covering the pictures in books to really practice this super power.  Focusing really hard on the sounds we hear to figure out words.


Writing: Writing small moment stories is hard work! The kinders are doing such a great job of learning to think of a story, tell their story to a writing partner, sketch and then write their story. We use the words FIRST, NEXT and THEN to keep our stories in order. Wow…that’s a lot of work! It is so exciting to see them become writers!




Handwriting: We have been working so hard during our handwriting time on learning how to correctly write our lowercase letters.  Some letters we worked on this week in handwriting were letters w and t. We also practiced writing some words with these letters in them. It’s exciting to see their handwriting and letter formation continue to improve! 


Mystery Reader:  Olivia was thrilled to see her Mom “drive” through the door as our Mystery Reader this week!  Mrs. Haase “drove” into our classroom with a fun cardboard bus from Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.  The kids thought it as really great!  Mrs. Haase read us the book A Germ’s Journey by Thom Rooke.  A very timely book about germs.  Tis the season right now!  Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Haase!!  

VALENTINE PARTY:   Our Valentines Party will be Tuesday, February 13 from 1:50-3:00pm.  Thank you so much for all of the volunteers!!  Details will be coming soon in how you can help.   

VALENTINE EXCHANGE:   A label sheet with our class names has been sent home to help with Valentines preparation.  If you wish to exchange Valentines they are due by Feb.  8, this will allow us enough time for each Kinder to deliver.  We will be making Valentines mailboxes at school.  These will be sent home on February 13.  

100 DAYS OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION:  A note about our 100 Day Collections was sent home last week.  Our 100 Day Celebration will be on Friday, February 9.  Start thinking about what 100 items your kinder would like to collect and bring to school.  Your kinders 100 collections will be due on Feb. 9. This is the day that they may bring them into school. Please do not send them into school earlier. The collections will return home the same day. Begin collecting 100 items and decide how your kinder would like to display them.  Have fun! 

Items Needed:  Our classroom is in need of a few items…  

  • Clorox wipes
  • Sandwich baggies
  • Graham crackers


  • MON. JAN. 29 – MUSIC, Wonderful Winter Science Centers, OLIVIA’S B-DAY!!! Bring Take Home Book.
  • TUES. JAN. 30–ART, Bring Take Home Book.  Last day to order PE apparel.
  • WED. JAN. 31–STEAM, LIBRARY, Homework due.

If your kinder would like a sack lunch on Friday, please email me (jbaker4@hpseagles.net or send a note by Thursday 2/1.

  • FRI. FEB. 2-MUSIC, Early Release…Dismissal at 12:15pm; NO TAKE-HOME BOOKS TODAY
  • NO SCHOOL: Monday, February 5 WINTER BREAK
  • NO SCHOOL: Tuesday, February 6 WINTER BREAK
  • WED. FEB. 7—Back at school
  • FRI. FEB. 9—Day 100 Celebration!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13—Valentine’s Day Party  1:50-3:00pm. Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up. THANK YOU!! NO TAKE-HOME BOOKS THIS DAY. 
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We have been LOVING the take home books! Love this idea and getting books into their hands that they can read. (-: I LOVE how Madison points out the strategies that she is using when trying to figure out a word too. (-: I love your “power pointer” idea too. So cute! Hope you have another wonderful week of learning and fun!

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