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1/29 – 2/2

Popcorn Words this week:  with, big.

Wonderful Winter Centers:  On Monday we had a blast exploring our Wonderful Winter Centers!  Thank you for the volunteers who helped make these centers possible.  The Kindergartners loved making snow, designing an igoo, creating a clothesline to hang mittens and making a shovel for snow!  


Math:  This week we continued to explore finding partners that make a new number.  Also, adding and subtracting number sentences.  The Kindergartners worked hard on identifying the teen number that goes with a teen number sentence as well.  For example 11= 10+1.


Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to explore writing a small moment story.  The Kindergartners practiced with using an editing checklist to make sure they have tried their best to be superstar writers.  Items they checked for were:  Finger spaces between words, starting sentences with uppercase letters, using the word wall to spell words correctly, labeling pictures and writing neatly.  The Kindergartners LOVED getting their own pen to help edit a piece of writing together.  This week we also worked hard on writing a story about having snack in our classroom and lining up to go outside.  The Kindergartners are really coming along as writers!!

Readers Workshop:  As readers this week we explored all the super powers we use as super readers!!  The Kindergartners practiced on using all of their super powers as they read.  Never giving up, even it is hard to figure out a word!  We also looked at those hard working vowels.  Finding vowels in our morning message, our names and soooo many words.  We talked about how these vowels can change sound and that we need to remember to use our super powers to figure out tricky vowels and words.  It has been so great to see the Kindergartners progress as readers!  With our Take Home Book program I can really tell the Kindergartners are becoming amazing word explorers and diving into using decoding strategies.  Keep up the hard work!!

Groundhogs Day and 5th grade buddies:  It was fun to talk about the legend of the Groundhog with the Kinders!  We made a predictions as to whether he would see his shadow or not.  We tuned in to the ABC News and watched Puxsutawney Phil come out and make his reveal.  Our class discovered that yes, he did see his shadow and that we would have 6 more weeks of winter.  The Kindergartners loved their easy reader Groundhogs Day book.  We also loved making our own Groundhog puppets with our 5th grade buddies.  Mrs. Stutz also shared a yummy birthday treat, chocolate pudding with a groundhog (teddy graham).  We also loved spending time with our 5th grade buddies!  

Superstar Students:  We have started a new Superstar student activity!  Our Kinders are all getting a turn to bring home our Mystery Box.  They get to place a mystery item inside the box, write 3 clues and then bring it back in for their friends to guess.  We have had so much fun with this activity!!  The Kinders are really using their guessing skills and putting together the clues to guess what the Mystery item may be.  Thanks for helping your Kinder with this activity!  

Valentines Party:  Plans for our class Valentine Party are underway!  Our class party will be Tuesday, February 13, 1:50-3:00 p.m.  Remember, only the volunteers will be allowed at this party.  We have a max. of 8 volunteers for this party.  Thank you for your understanding with this change.  

Valentines:  Feel free to send these in whenever they are finished!  We will start passing them out soon little by little!  

Take Home Books:  Thank you to the volunteers for helping with our Take Home Book program!  Our Take Home Book program takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  This means that the Take Home Book bags need to be brought to school only on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.  This is also labeled on each book bag.  Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks again for your support with this program!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, February 5…NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, February 6…NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, February 7…Back to school!  MUSIC, LIBRARY-Be sure to bring your library book, Homework due.
  • Thursday, February 8…ART.
  • Friday, February 9…STEAM, 100 Day Collections Due!  Bring Take Home Book.
  • Monday, February 12…GYM, Bring Take Home Book
  • Tuesday, February 13…MUSIC, Valentines Class Party 1:50-3:00 p.m., NO TAKE HOME BOOKS TODAY!
  • Wednesday, February 14…ART, LIBRARY, Homework due.
  • Thursday, February 15…STEAM
  • Friday, February 16…GYM, Bring Take Home Book.
  • Friday, February 23…Archer’s B-Day!


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