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Don’t forget, this Friday, May 25 is wear red, white and blue day!  

Come decked in your favorite red, white and blue attire!

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Weekly Update


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May 14 – May 18

Popcorn Words:  today, play, away, up.

Math:  We are continuing to work on our last unit in Math.  The Kinder have been working hard at drawing number sentences, making groups of 10 and some ones, and adding and subtracting numbers.

Science:  We have learned so much during our living and non-living studies.  The Kinders have been able to identify that all living things need food, water, air, home and space to grow.  We have been trying to be patient as our plants have been attempting to grow!!  Each kinder planted a couple of bean seeds and we have been waiting so patiently for them to grow.  Ashton’s plant took off fast and has grown a lot!  A few more have started to grow slowly.  We are trying to remain hopeful and are still watching and waiting patiently for our other plants to grow!!    It has been so fun to be able to learn about living things while also watching our butterflies grow and change as well.  We set our beautiful butterflies free this week.  It was so fun to watch them grow from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies!!

Readers Workshop:  The Kinders have come so far with their reading skills!  From noticing characters in books to discovering different reading genres it has been so fun to see them grow!!  During our last month of school we are focusing on our reading stamina.  How long can we read the books in our blue book boxes?  We have reached a total of 21 minutes of reading stamina time!!  WOW!!!  I am so proud of these kiddos!!  That’s a long time to stay in one spot, read books, stay quiet and keep reading!!  We will continue to work on stamina, reading fluency and discovering all types of reading genres over the last few weeks of school.  We LOVED reading with flashlights on Friday!!  Thank you Mrs. Carter for sending in some extras!!  With my extras we had everybody covered during our flashlight reading times throughout the day!  It was a lot of fun!!

Writers Workshop:  We have been continuing to build our opinions on different topics this week.  The kinders explored their own opinions on what their favorite sport is.  I LOVED how so many of them picked another sport other than what was given for examples.  Making the point that there are so many choices out there and they definitely have opinions on what they like or don’t like!!  They REALLY loved our opinion writing days on the series of books written by Sandra Markle.  We dove into our opinions on topics like What If You Had Animal Eyes, What If You Had Animal Ears, What If I had an Animal Nose?  The Kinders did such a great job giving their reasons why they would pick a specific animals ears, nose or eyes.  Then giving a star statement in the end to their readers.  We will wrap up our Opinion writing next week by taking our “on demand” writing.  The Kinders will be writing their own opinions by giving two reasons why they have the opinion they do.  Drawing examples and writing sentences.

5th Grade Buddies:  We gave our buddies a “sweet” send off to camp this week.  Our Kinders decorated cards for their buddies and gave them a pack of starburst wishing them star”bursts” of fun at their 5th grade camp.  Thank you to our 4th grade buddies from Mrs. Huizenga’s class who helped get us to our buses on Thursday and Friday while our buddies were away.

Take Home Books:  This week is our LAST WEEK of our Take Home Book program.  Thank you so much to all of our parents and volunteers!!  I could not have done this amazing program without you all!!  Please be sure to return all of your take home books by Friday, May 25.  

Mystery Reader:  Ashton was THRILLED to see his Mom walk through our door as our Mystery Reader Friday!  Mrs. Carter read us the funny book What the Dinosaurs Did at School by Refe Tuma and Susan Tuma.  The Kinders got a kick out of those silly dinosaurs and all the problems they created at school!  She also brought us a yummy treat for Ashton’s summer b-day celebration!  Thanks so much for visiting with us Mrs. Carter!!

Kindergarten Olympics:  Please be sure to email me at if you would like to volunteer for our June 1 Kindergarten Olympics!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 21…MUSIC, Take Home Books, Celebrate Aubrey’s summer b-day.
  • Tuesday, May 22…ART, Take Home Books.
  • Wednesday, May 23…STEAM, LAST LIBRARY DAY…Bring ALL library books!
  • Thursday, May 24…GYM
  • Friday, May 25…MUSIC, Take Home Books, Wear Red, White and Blue!  Return ALL TAKE HOME BOOKS!!
  • Monday, May 28…NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, May 29…ART
  • Wednesday, May 30…STEAM, Celebrate Kasey and Kamryn’s summer b-day.
  • Thursday, May 31…GYM, Celebrate Quinn’s summer b-day.
  • Friday, June 1….K OLYMPICS 9:00-12:00.
  • Friday, June 8…Last Day of School, 12:15 Dismissal.


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Book Orders….


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Our last book order of the year is due Friday, May 18 by 5:00 p.m. 

Please feel free to order online or send in a check with your choices from the flyer. 

Please email me at if you have any questions.

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Weekly Update…


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May 7 – 11

Popcorn Words:  by, my, one.

Math:  We are continuing to plug away at our Unit 5 in Math.  The Kinders worked hard this week completing addition and subtraction equations, drawing pictures to match number sentences and playing our unknown partner game.  They have come so far in their Math skills!

Writers Workshop:  The Kinders are working hard at expressing their opinions with our Opinion Writing genre.  This week they wrote about which animal is the best pet….a dog, cat, fish, hamster or lizard?  Also, exploring which special they like best…gym, art, music or steam?  The Kinders gave their opinions, developed two reasons why and then added a “wrap up” sentence.  We worked hard on what a wrap up sentence was when writing our opinion.  Talking about how it is the icing on the cake part of our writing.  It is a sentence telling our readers to try something or celebrating our opinion.  Some examples that we have come up with are:  Music is so much fun!  You should put some Music in your day!!

Science:  What is living and nonliving?  We have learned that living things need air, water, food, space and sunshine.  While nonliving things do not breathe and cannot move on their own.  The Kinders explored our classroom finding living and nonliving things.  They have been patiently waiting for their plants to grow.  We have one lone plant that is happy as can be and the rest we are still waiting for some growth.

Field Trip:  We had such a great day for our field trip to Hemlock Nature Center.  Thank you to all of our parents and volunteers!!  If you have pictures to share, feel free to send them to me and I can add them to our video.

Thank you:  Thanks so much to so many of you who gave such sweet gifts of Teacher Appreciation to me and my fellow teachers this week!  It was so kind of you!!  I feel so lucky to be part of your Kinders educational journey!!

Mystery Readers:  Charlotte’s face lit up with delight when she saw her Mom, Dad, and little sister walk through our door as our Mystery Readers!  Knowing it was our read to a stuffed animal day they brought in their own stuffed animal too!  Mrs. Germain read us the adorable book, If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School DON’T! by Elise Parsley.  The kinders loved this hilarious tale about a little girl who brings an alligator to school for show and tell.  After reading to us Mr. Germain gave us all our own red nose!  In celebration of Red Nose Day that raises money to end child poverty.  Thank you so much for visiting with us Germain family!

Wishing you all a VERY Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you enjoy the special gift your Kinder made for you!!  Thank you for sharing your sweet little treasure with me!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 14…GYM, Take Home Books
  • Tuesday, May 15…MUSIC, Take Home Books
  • Wednesday, May 16…ART, LIBRARY, Bring your library book!
  • Thursday, May 17…STEAM
  • Friday, May 18…GYM, Take Home Books, Bring a labeled flashlight to read with school, Ashton summer b-day celebration!
  • May 21…Aubrey summer b-day celebration!
  • May 23…Last library day, ALL LIBRARY BOOKS DUE!
  • May 25…Wear Red, White and Blue to school.
  • May 28…NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day.
  • May 30…Kamryn and Kasey summer b-day celebration!
  • June 1…K Olympics 9:00-12:00.
  • June 8…Last Day of School…12:15 Dismissal.
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Due to the chilly weather our classroom will NOT be releasing our butterflies today, Friday, May 11.  We will wait for a warmer day to release these little wonders.  

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Please check…


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Our field trip today at Hemlock Nature Center was AWESOME!!  However, with our day of nature always comes those little critters we need to mindful of.  Ticks!  

As a staff we always give the good once over to look for any little hitchhikers.  However,  these little “friends” love to find spots to hide out that we aren’t allowed to search.  So maybe tonight is a bath night and an extensive once over would be helpful for Tick safety. I have attached the link from the CDC on Ticks.  Please let me know if you have any questions OR if you did see any hitchhikers (Ticks).

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Field Trip Tomorrow!!!


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Our field trip will be on Tuesday, May 8!  It was mistakenly listed on the school main blog. 

We will be at Hemlock Crossing Nature Park for the morning.  The bus will leave around 9:15 a.m. and arrive at Hemlock Crossing by 10:00 a.m.  Chaperones please plan to either meet us at Hemlock Crossing or come here and you are welcome to follow the bus out that way. 

The bus will be leaving around 11:30 a.m. from Hemlock Crossing to take us to Hager Park for our picnic lunch and play time.  We plan on arriving at Hager Park around 12:00pm.  We will be eating our picnic lunch at the picnic tables. The kinders will have some time to play on the playground after lunch before returning to Georgetown. 

Please be sure to dress your Kinder for trail walking and the weather (layers are helpful).  Also, don’t forget their labeled lunch and water bottle!  If you would like your child to have sunscreen for the day please feel free to label it and pack it for them for the day.  I will do my best to apply it.  It looks like we will have a beautiful day!!  

If you are planning to meet your kinder for lunch, please let me know. Younger siblings are welcome to join in the fun at the park.  

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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Weekly Update…


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April 30 – May 4

Popcorn Words:  have, of, on

Math:  This week we spotted more number sentences.  This time we focused on finding number partners that equal 5.  The Kinders worked hard in their Math workbooks to see, write and explore this concept.  We even made these number sentences by doing Math drawings on our white boards.  The Kinders learned that with a Math draw we don’t worry about the details of a Math drawing, we do a quick draw with Math drawings.  Instead of detail we use a circle to show a number that is said in a story problem.  We also practiced working with our Math tiles to play a partners game with the number 8.  

Writer’s Workshop:  This week we continued to explore Opinion Writing.  The Kinders learned what a fact and an opinion is.  Learning that an opinion is how you think or feel about something.  We talked about how we can all have different opinions and that is ok.  They explored many different ideas about opinions this week.  We read a book about Opinions and in the end we voted on which was better Santa or the Tooth Fairy.  Discussing that there is no right or wrong answer, just an opinion.  We dove deeper into writing our opinions this week too.  Thinking about adding two reasons about why we have the opinion we do.  We drew our reasons, labeled them and then wrote the reasons using the long linking word, “because.”  The kinders really seem to enjoy this genre of writing!  It has been a lot of fun to explore opinions with them!!

Reader’s Workshop:  This week we continued to explore Characters.  We actually took turns using our character voices to act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The Kinders have LOVED acting out the story with props and masks from our classroom.  I love hearing them use their best character voices and see them put a story into action.  

Science:  We wrapped up our study of Rocks this week.  The kinders made their own yummy igneous (lots of pressure and heat over time) rock and metamorphic (extreme heat = microwave) rock from starbursts.  They LOVED “eating” the different types of rocks!  They also really enjoyed looking deeper at their rocks by finishing up their own Rock Journal.  All of the rock collections were sent home this week.  In the pictures below all of the kinders are holding their favorite rock that was in their collection.  I hope you enjoy their fossil they made and brought home this week as well.  We will be starting to explore living and non-living things in May.  To kick off this exploration we each got to plant some bean seeds in a cup.  The bean plants are sitting in our classroom window soaking up all of the beautiful sunshine and hopefully will begin to show signs of growth very soon!

Melted Starbursts!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 7…GYM, Bring Take Home Book
  • Tuesday, May 8…NO TAKE HOME BOOKS!!  FIELD TRIP DAY!  Dress for the weather, wear closed toe shoes.  Bring a sack lunch and water bottle labeled with your name.  Bus will be leaving by 9:15 a.m.  We will arrive by 10:00 a.m. at Hemlock Crossing. Then leave Hemlock Crossing by 11:30 a.m. to arrive at Hager Park in Jenison by 12:00 noon for a picnic lunch and play time.  All are invited to attend our Hager Park picnic and play time!!  We will return to school by 2:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, May 9…ART, LIBRARY, Celebrate Jager’s summer b-day!
  • Thursday, May 10…STEAM
  • Friday, May 11…Bring a stuffed animal to school day for K – celebrating being readers by reading with a stuffed animal!  Early Release Day – 12:15 dismissal.  Celebrate Ellary’s summer b-day!
  • Friday, May 18…Read with a flashlight day in K!  Celebrate Ashton’s summer b-day!
  • Monday, May 21…Celebrate Aubrey’s summer b-day!
  • Wednesday, May 23….Last Library day!  Return all library books to school!
  • Friday, May 25…Wear Red, White and Blue to school day!
  • Monday, May 28…NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, May 30…Celebrate Kasey and Kamryn’s summer B-day! 
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Weekly Update…


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April 23 – 27

Popcorn Words:  come, some

Math:   We have started working in our last Math unit of the year!  Where did the time go?  The Kinders have started with finding patterns in number sentences that equal 10.  Discovering pictures that help show a number sentence.  Everyday we have been looking at our “Math starry night sky.”  The kinders help math the correct number sentence with the correct night sky poster.  For example, a picture showing 1 purple star and 9 yellow stars matches the number sentence 10 = 1 + 9.  We will continue in this unit for the remainder of our school year.

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to work on our How-To writing.  The Kindergartners have practiced writing their own How-To’s this week.  They begin with first picking something they know how to do really well and could teach someone.  Then they tell the steps of their how to across their fingers, sketch it, then write the steps in words.   Remembering to add details and labels to to their sketches.  The Kinders LOVED trying the How-To make a minion!  We had a lot of fun making and creating our own bracelets and then writing a How-To Make a Bracelet together as a whole class.  We will not be doing an “On-demand” for this writing genre.  Our next writing genre to wrap up the school year will be Opinion writing.  I can’t wait to explore this writing genre with your Kindergartner!!

Readers Workshop:  This week we continued to explore Characters in books.  Looking at the main characters in a story, noticing that a main character can be in more than one book.  For example, the Little Critter character (books by author Mercer Mayer) is in many different books. We noticed that Little Critter does different things in different stories.  We also explored the difference between 2 main characters in books.  The Kinders loved comparing the characters of Hansel and Gretel in the classic tale Hansel and Gretel.  Noticing that Hansel and Gretel each do different things in the story.  The Kindergartners have a done a great job with exploring Characters in books.

Rocks:  We have been having so much fun exploring our Rock collections!  The kinders have gotten a chance to look at each others collections and explore their own collections closer.  We have been working through our own rock collection journals, exploring different properties of our rocks.  Can it float? Is it bumpy or smooth? Is it spotted, striped or plain?  Is it shiny or dull?  We have even EATEN ROCKS…..not really!  We made our own sedimentary rocks out of starbursts.  Discovering that a sedimentary rocks is formed by pressure over time.  The kinders each received 3 different colors of starbursts and then added extreme pressure to make their own sedimentary rock.  Then they got to EAT their ROCK!  It was a lot of fun!  We also explored what a fossil is.  We had a lot of fun picking something to make a print in some clay to make our own fossils.  We will get to bring these home once they are completely fossilized (dry).

Mystery Readers:  Jager was so excited to see his Mom walk through the door as our Mystery Reader!  Jager’s Mom is a teacher, she read us a book that she is reading to her class right now, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Ron Barrett.  We got a kick out of hearing all of the things that the town got to eat!  Just when we though our time was over with Jager’s Mom we heard a noise…it was Jager’s Dad!!  He surprised Jager too as a Mystery Reader!  Jager’s Dad (also a teacher) read us the hilarious book, The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak.  A hilarious book with funny words on each page that gets the kids involved in the story.  Jager’s Dad had to say some pretty silly things when reading us this book!  We loved hearing these two books from Jager’s Mom and Dad.  A GREAT surprise for Jager!!  Thanks for visiting with us Mr. and Mrs. Workman!!  We can’t wait to see who our next Mystery Reader will be!!  If you are interested in being a Mystery Reader and don’t see a time in our page that works for you PLEASE email me at and I will gladly coordinate a time with you!


Field Trip:  Our field trip is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8.  All 6 chaperones have been contacted.  Please plan to send a sack lunch with your child on our field trip day, with a drink or water bottle that are all clearly labeled with your child’s name.  I will have a basket to carry all lunches with us on the bus to the park where we will eat.  A note will come home this week with more details about our trip and a reminder about sending in a lunch and dressing appropriately for our field trip.  All parents (or someone special) and younger siblings are welcome to join us at our Hager Park picnic lunch and play time.  We will plan to get to Hager Park by 12:00 to eat and then have some play time until about 1:45 p.m.  We will then plan to return to school by 2:00 p.m. and finish out our day.  Please email me at if you have ANY questions.  If it rains on our field trip day we will still plan to go, the facility has accommodations they make for us for rain.  However, if it rains during our Hager Park time we will cancel that part of our trip and return to school for a picnic lunch inside our classroom (all are welcome to join us for a lunch time in our room).  We will make those decisions on our field trip day.

Snack Reminder:  Just a friendly reminder to please send in 2 snacks everyday for your child.  We have an a.m. and p.m. snack time everyday.

Supplies Needed:  If you are interested and can donate our classroom is in need of Graham crackers, ziplock baggies – sandwich and gallon size, Disinfecting wipes.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, April 30…STEAM, Take Home Books
  • Tuesday, May 1…GYM, Take Home Books
  • Thursday, May 3…ART
  • Friday, May 4…STEAM
  • Tuesday, May 8…Field Trip, bus leaves by 9:15 a.m., Bring sack lunch and drink – labeled with child’s name, dress appropriately for field trip.
  • Friday, June 1…Kindergarten Olympics!!  These will take place in the a.m. and commence by 12:00 p.m.  Details will be coming home this week!
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Culver’s and Art Show Night!


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Headed to the Art Show tonight?  Stop by Culver’s for dinner or a treat!!  I will be there from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. as a runner!!


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