Weekly Update…


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11/12 – 11/16

Popcorn Words:  or, for.  The kindergartners did a GREAT job discovering that the word or is inside for.  They also noticed that for is not the same as four, they sound the same but are spelled differently.  

Math:  This week in Math we explored shapes.  We looked at the Hexagon and noticed it has 6 sides and 6 corners.  The Kinders did a GREAT job of sorting shapes into Hexagons and NOT Hexagons.  The Kinders also explored different ways to sort shapes.  They sorted by color, shape and straight sides, not straight sides.  We also had fun finding shapes in pictures and making some too.  The Kindergartners also worked on +1 and -1 from numbers 1-10.  It was fun to listen to the song 10 Little Turkeys and practice the -1 using our fingers as we sang the song.  We had fun with our Math games on Friday.  The Kinders “wrote the room”, where they looked for fall pictures and counted the objects then wrote the number.  They also played a +1 dice game where they rolled numbers and then +1 to the number, then colored in the number it equaled.  Finally, they played a ten frame dice game.  The Kinders rolled a dice with ten frames on it, counted the ten frame and then wrote the teen number.  They LOVE Friday Math games!!

Literacy:  This week we have added 8 literacy stations to our literacy time.  The students get to decide where they go each day.  Making sure to visit each station throughout the week.  As they rotate to stations on their own Mrs. Richter (our K para-pro) and I meet with small groups to work on specific literacy skill building.  I am absolutely AMAZED at our class!  They have been able to do this very independent task SO WELL!!

Writers Workshop:  This week we continued to work on writing like scientists.  We chose one object to focus on all week.  The kinders wrote different attributes of their chosen object.  One day we wrote about how our object felt, is it soft or hard?  The next day we wrote what the main color of our object.  We then wrote the name of our object.  We are putting these pages together to make a book.  The Kindergartners have done a GREAT job looking closely at all the details of objects, adding labels and writing sentences that match.

Handwriting:  This week we worked hard on finishing our lowercase letters.  The last letters we worked on were the tails family (y, j, g, p, q).  The kinders did a GREAT job of learning how to write all of their lowercase letters.  We will start practicing our handwriting of uppercase letters next.

Readers Workshop:  During readers workshop, we did a GREAT job of working with our partners.  The kinders explored different ways that illustrators and authors show or write how characters feel.  They labeled feelings that they found in books.  Then shared what they found with their partners.  We even labeled important words, characters and parts in stories.  

PE Cares:  Thank you SO MUCH for donating to our PE Cares Food Drive!!  Our class donated over 50 items to the cause!!  The Kinders LOVED carrying the donations down to PE.  

Stone Soup Fun:  This book is a family favorite in my house.  The Kinders enjoyed reading the story Stone Soup by Ann McGovern.  They also enjoyed adding the ingredients to the pot to make our own Stone Soup.  At the end of the day, we got to try the soup if we wanted.  We had 7 friends that liked the soup and 10 that did not.  It was so fun to share this classic tale with them.  As the story says, “soup from a stone, imagine that!”


YUM, we liked the stone soup!

Well…..no thanks, we don’t like stone soup!

Mystery Reader:  Wesley jumped right into his Dad’s arms as he saw him walk through our door today as the Mystery Reader.  Mr. Koopmans read us the funny tale of Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice by Judy Schachner.   In this story, Skippyjon Jones is convinced that Mars is red because it is covered in spicy red peppers.  He travels to Mars and has all kinds of fun exploring the planet.  Thank you for visiting with us, Mr. Koopmans!

Pizza Party:  GREAT NEWS!!  Our class won a Jets Pizza Party!!  Thank you for ordering Jets and giving our class a pizza party!!  I am planning to have the Pizza Party on Monday, Nov. 19.  We will be having cheese and pepperoni pizza from Jet’s Pizza.  I will be providing juice boxes, fruit and vegetable choices.  School lunch choices and milk are also available to order.  Please let me know if you have ANY questions, jstutz1@hpseagles.net.

Outstanding Students:  Keaton, Avery, and Emma all received an Outstanding from Mrs. Reagan.  Keaton and Avery won there’s for showing growth mindset and demonstrating their ability to follow our school rules of being nice, working hard and learning well.  Emma won hers for being an Upstander.  Always wanting to help others and standing up for others if they need help.  We are so proud of them!  

Why are your snow clothes so dirty?  Here’s a few pics that explain it all:

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 19…STEAM, LIBRARY, CLASS JET’S PIZZA PARTY.  *Bring Library book today.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20…MUSIC, Thankful Centers 2-3 p.m. – volunteers please plan to arrive at 1:40 p.m.  Nolan’s B-Day!!!
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21 – Friday, Nov. 23…NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break.
  • Friday, Nov. 23…Braxlee’s B-Day!!!
  • Sunday, Nov. 25…Keller’s B-Day!!!
  • Dec. 7…Colton’s B-Day!!!
  • Thursday, Dec. 13…School Holiday Music Program – 6:15 p.m. Parent Drop off, 6:30 p.m. K-2nd Grade Perform.  
  • Friday, Dec. 14…Early Release
  • Dec. 21…Brody’s B-Day!!!
  • Monday, Dec. 24 – Friday, Jan. 4…NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break. 
  • Dec. 26…Elijah’s B-Day!!!
  • Dec. 27…Piper’s B-Day!!!
  • Dec. 31…Bryson’s B-Day!!!
  • Monday, Jan. 7…Back to School!!
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Stone Soup Donations


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We will be having our own class Stone Soup on Friday, Nov. 16.  If you would like to help contribute to this soup please consider sending in ONE of the following:

  • canned green beans
  • canned peas
  • canned corn
  • potatoes *I only need a little – if you’d like to cut up a potato and enclose it in a baggy that’s more than enough.
  • carrots *Again, I only need a little – just a baggy size is enough.
  • onion *A cut up amount in a baggy is more than enough.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for considering a donation.  Any extra canned goods not used will be donated to our PE cares campaign.  

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Thank you!


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Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all of our Veterans!!

To all who have served, are serving or to those in remembrance. 

Thank you for protecting our freedom.

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Weekly Update


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11/5 – 11/9

Popcorn Words:  am, are, little

Math:  This week we focused on learning some new math routines.  The kindergartners learned how to count the teen numbers by showing fast freeze 10 and some more.  For example, they say “10 is 10 plus 1 more.”   We also added 1 to numbers 1-9 to make numbers.  The kinders loved using pennies to practice adding 1 to numbers on our blue math mats.  They did a GREAT job of noticing the different patterns when we added these numbers.  Noticing that each number sentence has a + 1, each answer increased by 1.  One student noticing, “Hey it looks like stairs!”

Readers Workshop:  In readers workshop, the Kinders have done a GREAT job practicing private reading and each skill that we learned this week.  The kinders learned that readers work hard to help themselves solve problems.  Using pictures to help remind them of the story they are reading.  They also got a BIG kick out of using our special pointers to remember to use our fingers to point to the words on each page as we read.  Noticing that there are words we might know to help us tell the story.

Writers Workshop:  We continued our work as scientific writers this week.  The kinders loved practicing this skill.  We looked at several nonfiction books to give us an idea of what scientific writers might write about.  Scientific writers write about things that they are interested in or things around us.  So, the kinders explored their environment and had fun being scientific writers.  They drew and wrote about Mrs. Stutz, an object of their choice in the classroom and a beanie baby of their choice during our writer’s workshop time.  They LOVED labeling me and did a GREAT job drawing all the details of each object they wrote about.  We focused on hearing beginning and ending sounds in words as we stretched words.  We will continue to grow as scientific writers next week as well.

Mystery Reader:

  • This week Kendall was so excited to see her Dad, Mr. Rodriguez and little sister Kyla walk through our door as our Mystery Reader.  Mr. Rodriguez read us Charley the Bulldog’s Daring Dreams by Andy Frisella.  An adorable tale of two bulldogs and their dreams.  Teaching us that even the biggest dreams are possible!

Conference Thank you:  I cannot thank you enough for attending parent/teacher conferences this week!  It was such a pleasure to get a chance to chat with you about your Kinders progress.  If at any time you ever have any questions please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.  I LOVE my job and am so lucky to be able to do something I LOVE so much.  Thank you for sharing your child with me everyday!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 12…ART, LIBRARY *Many books have already been returned – due to Book Fair, we did not check books out this last week.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13…STEAM
  • Wednesday, Nov. 14…MUSIC
  • Thursday, Nov. 15…GYM
  • Friday, Nov. 16…ART…Disguise a Turkey due.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20…Nolan’s B-Day!
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21 – Friday, Nov. 23…NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, Nov. 23…Braxlee’s B-Day!
  • Sunday, Nov. 25…Keller’s B-Day

More pics from the week:


The slide goes so fast in the snow!  Even Mrs. Stutz went down a few times : ) I LOVE THE SNOW!!!

Catching snowflakes on our tongues!!

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With the weather forecast, it looks like Winter is about to begin.  As soon as tomorrow possibly!

Just a few reminders:

  •  The kids go outside at every recess.   We only keep them inside if the wind chill is below zero.  If no boots are worn then the kinders will need to stay on the pavement to keep shoes dry.
  • WINTER CLOTHING is a must.  Boots, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants. Write your last name on all pieces of clothing.  This helps with those missing items that like to go missing!
  • Be prepared to hang up the winter clothing to air out and dry each night.  

And, finally…get ready to hear about the new recess celebrations and concerns.  The SNOW is so much fun on the playground.  And, like most schools we have rules (I know… way to ruin the fun, right?!)  The rules are basic:

  •  NO SNOWBALLS.  WHY?  Because we have had our fair share of eye injuries, head injuries, bruising etc. when these snowballs hit people in the face.  I always tell kids that if their parents let them have snowball fights at home, do it at home.  But we can’t do it at school.
  • NO ICE SLIDING.  WHY?  We have kids break their wrist or arm sliding on ice.  We have also had kids fall and get a concussion.
  • FORTS…build at your own risk.  Our playgrounds are shared by nearly 600 kids. If you build a fort during one recess, another group might come out the next recess and change your fort — put on an addition or take off the front porch or destroy it for a new subdivision. So…build away…but know it might be changed.

Our priority will be to have the kids dress appropriately for the snow,  have fun in the snow and be safe in the snow.


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Weekly Update


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10/29 – 11/2

Fall Party:

Popcorn Words:  in, all

Readers Workshop:  This week we learned about feelings and emotions.  We looked at character’s faces to see how they might be feeling.  We practiced doing this as a group using one of my favorite books, I Was So Mad by Mercer Mayer.  We then got to try it on our own and marked pages in our books with sticky notes.  We then shared our marked feeling pages with our reading partners.  We found lots of emotions in books!

Math:  This week in Math we used pennies to show groups of 5 and then some more.  We also used pennies to make numbers larger than 5.  Making groups of numbers that were equal and not equal.  The kindergartners LOVE using our pennies in our Math practices!!

Writers Workshop:  This week we started to practice writing like a scientist.  We looked closely at objects this week with magnifying glasses to zoom in and find details of objects.  We looked at our shoe and a leaf this week.  Being careful to draw every detail we could see.  We will continue writing like a scientist this next week as well.  

Literacy:  This week we finished up our Fall Houses and practicing different literacy skills with them.  The houses and directions came home with your kinder this week.  Another resource you can use to practice many different literacy skills at home. 

Mystery Reader:

  • Emery was so thrilled when she saw her Mom walk through our door as a Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Straub read us one of her favorite books when she was a little girl, The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream.  A great story about how sometimes dreams can be scary but not real.  The kinders loved how sister ended up teaching brother bear all about bad dreams.  Thanks for visiting with us Mrs. Straub!

Book Fair:  Our Book Fair will be open all week during conference times.  You can feel free to purchase books on conference nights.  Your kinder will also get to “preview” the book fair and make a wish list to bring home and share with you.  We will have an opportunity to buy books on Thursday, Nov. 8 if you wish to send money in with your child along with their wish list. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 5…GYM, LIBRARY, Please return library books today.  Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 6…ART, Our class Previews Book Fair.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 7…STEAM, Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8 p.m.
  • Thursday, Nov. 8…MUSIC, Our class Book Fair Buy day (if you choose to do so).  
  • Friday, Nov. 9…GYM
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Any photos to share?


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If you have any pictures from attending our Fall Party and would like to share them with me, I can add them to our weekly update this week.  Feel free to send them to me via email – jstutz1@hpseagles.net

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Wear your rainbow colors tomorrow…


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In celebration of learning our color words, we will be wearing our rainbow colors tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 2 in Kindergarten.

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Weekly Update


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10/22 – 10/26

Fall Party:  Our classroom fall party will be Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 10:15 a.m. – 11:30 ish.  We will be having a Kindergarten fall parade prior to our party (in the hallways of the school).  You are absolutely welcome to come and watch this!  If you are planning to help with the party you can plan to arrive at our classroom by 9:50 a.m. to help set up for the party.  The kinders will be leaving the classroom so that the party can get set up without them being in the room.  We will then begin our fall parade about 10:15 a.m.  The kinders will end the parade at our classroom and then begin the fall party.  The kinders are allowed to wear their costumes to school on our party day.  If you prefer they change when they get to school please pack their costume in a bag and I will help them get it on at school.  Please be sure to email me with any questions (jstutz1@hpseagles.net).

Popcorn Words:  like, here.

Color Wordbrown

Math:  We started our second unit in Math.  The Kindergartners did a great job of telling Math stories this week.  We told addition math stories and subtraction math stories this week.  The kindergartners loved telling and practicing these stories together.  We pretended that we were at a dinner table and invited more friends to tell our addition stories.  Then as some of our friends left we told our subtraction stories.  We also practiced making numbers larger than 5 using 5 strips and then some more.  It was a lot of fun using pennies and 5 penny strips this week to make numbers.  When we played our Math games on Friday we practiced making numbers with play dough, finding numbers and making numbers with our math tool kits.  I am so impressed with their Math skills and how much they have grown so far this year!

Literacy:  This week we worked hard on many literacy skills.  The kinders practiced letter ID, sound, rhyming and sight word finding.  They loved playing a fun game “My Fall House” where they found pictures that matched the sounds I would say.  We will play this game more over the next week.  They will play this game practicing letters, sight words, and rhyming.  This game will be sent home later this next week.

Writers Workshop:  The Kindergartners did a fantastic job of writing real stories this week.  They practiced writing their very own story this week.  Picking any story that happened to them and drawing and writing it on their own.  They did a GREAT job!  Next week we will explore writing like scientists.  I am sure the kindergartners will love this next writing genre too!

Readers Workshop:  This week we continued to work on storybooks.  The kinders explored favorite storybooks, using their voices to sound like characters in books when reading the classic, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  They loved this!  We also read the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  The kinders loved helping me retell the story over and over.  We explored how favorite storybooks are fun to reread and retell over and over again.  They also made a Brown Bear retelling headband, with all of the characters on it.  It is always fun retelling favorite books!

Handwriting:  We completed our “clockwise letters” in handwriting.  The kinders practiced writing h, n, m, b and r.  These packets came home this week.  Please be sure to keep practicing these letters at home.

Mystery Readers:

  • On Tuesday, Emmett was thrilled to see his Mom walk through our door as our Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Schollaart read us the book, Whose Garden is it? by Mary Ann Hoberman.  An adorable tale about a garden and all the characters in the story thinking the garden belonged to them.  A great tale!Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Schollaart!

  • Friday, Elijah was overjoyed when his Mom came through our door.  Mrs. Freed read us the classic The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss while dressed as the classic character.  The kinders LOVED it!  Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Freed!

Conferences:  Conference dates and times were sent home with your child on Friday.  Please be sure to contact me if the date and time does not work for you and we can reschedule.  Our conferences will be Monday, Nov. 5 and Wednesday, Nov. 7.  These conferences are planned to be 15 minutes long.  I am planning to share your child’s progress during our conference time.  Please come with any questions and plan to arrive on time, it will help me stay on track for each conference.  The kinders do not need to attend these conferences.

Cooler Weather:  Brrrr…..as our weather is becoming colder please be sure to send those warmer outside clothes.  Hats, mittens, snow pants, boots, etc.  I do always have a few extra items just in case.  It will be here before we know it.  I will also be sending out a note asking for winter bundlers.  Winter bundlers will come in on our snow falling days to help the kinders get ready for recess.  As soon as the snow falls I will be in need of a few winter bundlers.  This helping will begin at 11:20 a.m. and end at 11:55 – ish a.m.  You are welcome to help as often or as little as you can.  If you know you are interested please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.  A note will also come home with details.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 29…GYM, LIBRARY – Please bring library book today.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 30…ART
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31…9:50 a.m. volunteers arrive to help set up for party.  10:15 Kindergarten parade begins, party to follow.  STEAM
  • Thursday, Nov. 1…MUSIC
  • Friday, Nov. 2…STEAM, Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.  Wear RAINBOW colors to celebrate our color words we have learned.

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Crazy Hair and Brown…


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In celebration of our color word of the week, we will be wearing brown tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 26.  Also, we earned our 10 superstars for AWESOME classroom behavior!  So, the vote is in tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 26 we will also be having crazy hair day.  Your child does not have to have crazy hair if they do not wish too.  It is meant to be a fun celebration of our awesome listening!

**My apologies for the note that came home….in my haste the first line did not make any sense!  Like Pete, the Cat says, “It’s all good!”  Thank you for understanding.


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