Weekly Update


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3/18 – 3/22

Popcorn Words:  there, where, were.  Whew!  These words are some of the trickier sight words we have learned.  We listened to fun videos from Jan Richardson and Jack Hartmann and also watched a funny Mr. Clown’s Word of the Day video.  


Math:  This week we looked at groups of 5 in number sentences that equal 10.  Noticing that when we see 10 drawn as 2 groups of 5 we can count quicker.  We can grab the 5 we see quick and then count on.  We also practiced writing numbers, finding numbers that are greater than and less than other numbers.  The Kinders also discovered 3-D shapes.  Noticing that a 2-D shape has a length and a height and is flat.  However, a 3-D shape takes up more space.  A 3-D shape has a length, width, height and more dimension to it.  We explored the different 3-D shapes around us.  Finding spheres (ball), cubes (box), cylinders (water bottles), cone (ice cream cone), cuboid (kleenex box).  

Readers Workshop:  This week we continued to explore about being Avid Readers.  Learning that Avid Readers make goals as readers.  Always wanting to improve their reading skills as they develop as readers.  The Kinders practiced working on 3 reading goals this week.  Avid Readers love to share favorite parts in books.  The Kinders looked at books together and decided on parts they would like to share, adding sticky notes in books.  They also explored that they can even have a Reading Playdate with books!  The kinders can play school with a book, they can play games with a book or even play pretend with a book.  It was fun to see the Kindergartners explore books with them deciding what they wanted to do on a Reading playdate.  I LOVED seeing all the different choices!  Many LOVED playing school and being a teacher or student to explore books.  It was also fun to see those who made games out of finding sight words in books.  Those who chose to act out books were so fun to watch!  Getting these Kinders excited about reading has been so much fun!!  We have LOTS of Avid Readers in our classroom!








































































Superstar Book Lovers this week:
























Writers Workshop:  We finished writing our first All About Book this week.  The kinders wrote, All About Chickens.  They learned how to organize the information they found, using a tree map to list information found, also putting the information into a book form.  Using pictures, sentences, and labels to make their All About Chickens book.  We will be discovering all about Bears next.  With this new type of writing, it has led us to explore the two different types of books:  Fiction and Non-fiction.  Noticing that Fiction Writers are telling a made up story with characters.  We looked at “Fiction Fran” and how she enjoys this kind of book most.  While Non-fiction writers are using facts to teach about a topic.  “Non-fiction Ned” LOVES facts and learning all he can about things around him.  We are all working hard to be Non-fiction Ned’s during this All About Writing unit.  
















Flashlight Fun:  The Kindergartners had LOTS of fun learning with the lights off on Friday!  They LOVED reading with their flashlights, doing Math and wrapping up our week with flashlight fun.  Each Kinder did get a flashlight from Mrs. Stutz to bring home.  Shining some extra light on reading was great fun!


















Mystery Readers:

  • Charlotte was THRILLED to see her Dad, Mr. Becker come through our door as a Mystery Reader this week.  Mr. Becker read us the very timely book, Apples and Robins by Lucie Felix.  This adorable spring book made great pictures as one thing transforms into another as the pages turn.  Thank you for visiting with us, Mr. Becker!!  






















  • Brooklyn was SO EXCITED to see her Mom and little brother as our Mystery Readers this week.  Mrs. Vaiana read us the great book, I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont.  This adorable book teaches us all about self-esteem and appreciating everything about ourselves, inside and out.  Reminding us to always be ourselves!  Thank you for reading to us Mrs. Vaiana.



















  • Bryce was SO SUPRISED to see his Mom and little sister as our Mystery Readers Tuesday.  Mrs. Dunbar read us  Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.  The Kinders got a great laugh out of this funny book.  In this book a little worm chronicles his life, learning all about the world around him.  We LOVED all the things this worm discovered!  Thank you for visiting with us Mrs. Dunbar.  **Pics coming – my tech savvy-ness/less forgot a cord to download today.
  • Ms. Yankee’s 2nd graders also surprised us as Mystery Readers this week.  They shared the book, Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg.  This adorable book teaches us all about how a mistake is OK.  A mistake can be an adventure in creativity!!  The kinders had so much fun making a mistake on a piece of paper and then creating something wonderful with their 2nd graders with their mistake.  Thank you for visiting with us Ms. Yankee’s 2nd graders!!
























March is Reading Month Fun:  We had lots of yummy fun during our snack time with two fun book related snacks this week. The Kinders LOVED their yummy Diary of a Worm snack this week (chocolate pudding, cookie crumble and gummy worm).  They also loved having a yummy muffin while listening to a couple classics Good Morning, Muffin Mouse and If You Give a Moose a Muffin.  





































Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 25…LIBRARY, ART, Bring your library book
  • Tuesday, March 26…STEAM, Bring your Take Home Book
  • Wednesday, March 27…MUSIC
  • Thursday, March 28…GYM, Bring your Take Home Book, P.J. Day – bring a cuddle buddy to read with!
  • Friday, March 29 – April 7…NO SCHOOL – Spring Break
  • Monday, April 8…Back to school!



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Flashlights tomorrow


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To add to our March is Reading Month fun…


Please have your Kinder bring a flashlight to school that he/she can read with on Friday, March 22. It will be returned the same day. 

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Fort Day and Pizza Lunch!


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Thank you for the Pizza Lunch today!!  Our class won the Jet’s Pizza Night challenge.  We LOVED having our pizza, juice boxes and applesauce in our forts!!  


We LOVED building our Forts today!  Thank you for sending in blankets!!  The Kinders had fun learning inside and outside of their forts today.  The way they worked together to share space and supplies was so GREAT to witness!!  They all learned a lot about COMPROMISING.  We will work hard at earning our next superstars as a class.  I am SO PROUD of these AMAZING Kindergartners!!!


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Weekly Update


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3/11 – 3/15

Popcorn Words:  about, home.

Math:  This week we continued exploring teen numbers, number partners that make 10, and learned about Math mountains.  The kindergartners LOVED the story of the “tiny tumblers” and Math mountains.  We also practiced writing numbers 1-20 in 2 rows of 10 horizontally and vertically.  Our Math on Friday was focused on our voting during our Breakfast.  We compared the numbers of what kind of food we liked during our breakfast.  Also, comparing the numbers of people who liked all the different books.  The Kinders are doing a GREAT job of exploring Math concepts.






















Writers Workshop:  This week we started to explore a new type of writing:  Non-fiction writing!  We learned all about chickens this week.  The kinders first helped make a list of everything they knew about chickens.  Then, we made of a list of things we would want to know about chickens.  Last, after reading a book about Chickens and exploring more facts about chickens the Kinders made a list of things they learned about chickens.  They learned how to put this information into a Chickens Have, Need and Are chart.  We will continue to explore the next steps of Non-fiction writing next week.  Putting all of our information into an All About Chickens books that we will write.









Earning a special day:  We have earned 20 superstars for AMAZING classroom behavior!!  I am so proud of them!!  We voted and have decided to have a “Fort Day.”  We also earned a pizza lunch from Jet’s Pizza!!  Tomorrow, Monday, March 18 we will be having our Fort Day and Pizza lunch!!  Feel free to bring a sheet or blanket that can fit inside your kinders backpack with ease.  We will be building our Forts and learning all day inside and among them!  Your kinder will also have the option of bringing their own lunch or ordering a hot lunch choice if they prefer.  Juice boxes will be provided.  Milk will also be available for them to order through our lunch program.  

Readers Workshop:  This week we finished up Unit 3:  The Kindergartners worked hard at trying more difficult books, retelling stories and practiced fluency.  The Kinders then started Unit 4:  Becoming Avid Readers.  The Kinders looked at many different pictures of avid readers to notice what those readers were all doing.  We talked about what an avid reader does:

  • 1.  Reads a lot!
  • 2.  Finds places EVERYWHERE to read.
  • 3.  Keeps a stack of books in waiting to read.
  • 4.  They can’t stop reading.
  • 5.  They have hyperfocus to their book.
  • 6.  They feel what characters feel in books.

The Kinders made connections to #6 by remembering the books we read at the beginning of the year.  All of the “cool tool” books that helped teach us how to treat others.  They remembered these stories and had connections to feelings from these characters.  We will dive deeper into becoming Avid Readers with this next Unit in Reading.























Fun Book Snacks this week:  We loved listening to Dr. Seuss’ ABC book and munching on and making words with our ABC cookies!
























































































It was also so much fun munching on our own Scooby snacks and doing some Math while listening to Scooby-Doo!  The Case of the Disappearing Scooby Snacks.



















March is Reading Month Breakfast Celebration:  Thank you all so much for coming, helping and enjoying our fun readers breakfast!!  The Kinders loved this fun!  I was impressed by those who tried green eggs!  We enjoyed some yummy treats that went along with some GREAT books we love!


















































































































Mystery Readers this week:

  • Mr. Rob, our amazing custodian surprised us with being a Mystery Reader!  The Kinders LOVED having Mr. Rob read to us!!  He read us the book I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony.  The kinders loved this story about a penguin with LOTS of patience!  It really paid off too because in the end, he gets a HUGE yummy donut!!  Mr. Rob also gifted us this book for our classroom!!  Thank you for visiting with us, Mr. Rob!

















  • Elijah sprang up in surprise when he saw his big sister, Eliana, a second grader walk in as our Mystery Reader!  Eliana read us the book, Why Can’t I Fly? by Rita Golden Gelman.  An adorable tale about a Monkey who wants to fly.  With a little bit of team work his friends help him realize his dream.  Thanks for visiting with us Eliana!!









  • Just when he least expected it…Elijah’s Dad surprised him as our Mystery Reader in the SAME day as his big sister Eliana!!  Mr. Freed, aka Luigi, read us the story, Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale.  A wonderful story about school and how Clark learned all about how to behave in his own “school.”  Thank you for visiting with us Luigi, I mean Mr. Freed.
















Star Student Book Lovers of the Week:  

























Conferences:  Thank you all so much for attending Spring conferences.  It was great to be able to meet with many of you about your Kinder.  If at anytime you have any questions please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 18…LIBRARY, GYM, Be sure to bring your library book!  FORT DAY and Pizza lunch!!
  • Tuesday, March 19…ART, Take Home Books.
  • Wednesday, March 20…STEAM
  • Thursday, March 21…MUSIC, Take Home Books.
  • Friday, March 22…GYM, Popcorn Friday, Bring a flashlight to read with!  
  • Thursday, March 28…All K P.J. Day!  Bring a cuddle buddy to read with!
  • Friday, March 29…NO SCHOOL – Spring Break
  • Monday, April 8…Back to school!
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Celebrate reading!


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I am so excited about our breakfast this Friday, March 15! I am planning on starting things at 9:30. If you’d like to come and be a part of it, please join us in room 110 at 9:30. We would be happy to have you come and share in our fun morning! We are serving…

  • Green Eggs and Ham (because of the book Green Eggs and Ham)
  • Donut Holes (because of the book If You Give a Dog a Donut)
  • Mini Muffins (because of the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin)
  • Strawberries (because of the book The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear)
  • Juice boxes

Remember to wear fun socks, because…READING KNOCKS OUR SOCKS OFF!

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Weekly Update…


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3/4 – 3/8

Popcorn Words:  get, and.

Math:  This week the Kinders dove into more of Unit 4 in Math.  We explored teen numbers, the kinds made teen numbers with cubes on our blue Math mats in teams.  They also explored number sentences that equal 10.  Noticing that there are many partners that when they are put together they equal 10.  We told 10 bug stories and wrote these number sentences on our whiteboards.  The kinders also practice counting by 1’s and 10’s to 100 a couple times a week during our Math warm-up.  

Writers Workshop:  This week the Kinders completed their “on demand/test” of a narrative/small moment story writing.  This is when they have to sketch, write and complete a small moment story on their own.  Writing down all the sounds they hear in words.  Remembering to add uppercase letters, lowercase letters, give detail and add feelings.  All with NO HELP from Mrs. Stutz!  I am so proud of them!!  These will be shared at our conferences this week.

Readers Workshop:  We explored the importance of looking at all the sounds in a word.   Noticing that if we guess what a word is only from the first letter we might get it wrong.  The Kinders also explored retelling books we read together this week.  Remembering characters, setting and what happened first, next and last.  We are working on using all of these skills as we read.  Taking time to read stories and then going back to increase our fluency and retell skills.  The Kinders absolutely LOVED our retelling of the favorite Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons story with their fun snack/retelling tools.  They got to spread yellow frosting onto a graham cracker and add m & m’s to retell the story as we reread it together.  Also, they did Math at the same time….shhh!  Learning is fun!!!

3rd Graders Visit:  Reading with our friends is FUN!!!  This week we LOVED it when our friends from Ms. VanArkel’s 3rd-grade class visited us.  They read to us a book of theirs and then a book of ours.  It was so fun to see friends we knew and even siblings!!!  Not sure how some of these prior kinders got so grown up?!!!  Thank you for visiting with us 3rd graders!!

First Grade Readers:  Our class was invited to come listen to the first graders in Mrs. Smith’s class read their non-fiction books.  They were practicing using their “teacher voices” while reading these books to use.  It was fun to see some friends we knew!!  I love to get any chance to see previous Kinders…warning…they get WAY TO BIG WAY TO FAST!!!  We loved visiting them and hearing them read!!  

Star Student Book Lovers of the week:

Mystery Readers:

  • Charlotte popped right up to run and greet her Grandma as our Mystery Reader.  These kinders are SOOO amazing they remembered her last visit with us and even the book she read!  WOW!!  A class of true Book Lovers!!  Grandma DePew read us the hilarious story of How to Babysit and Grandma by Jean Reagan.

  • Braxlee was absolutely THRILLED to see her Mom and little brother Nixon walk through our door as Mystery Readers.  Mrs. Lockwood read us the funny story Dinosaurs Living in My Hair! by Jayne M. Rose-Vallee.  Thank you for reading to us Mrs. Lockwood and Nixon!!

  • Henry was totally surprised to see his Mom and little brother enter our room as Mystery Readers.  Mrs. Schut is usually here to help us bundle up….not today!  The kinders were all surprised that she was here to be a Mystery Reader.  Mrs. Schut read us the book Nugget and Fang by Tammi Sauer and Michael Slack.

Pajama Day:  We loved reading with our friends on Pajama Day!!

Conferences:  This week we will have our Spring Conferences.  I am so excited to be able to meet with you to celebrate the learning your Kinder is doing.  If you have any questions about conferences please be sure to send me an email at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 11…MUSIC, Book Fair Preview Day.  NO LIBRARY – Keep your books another week.  Conferences 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, March 12…GYM
  • Wednesday, March 13…ART, Avery’s B-Day!!!  Book Fair Buy Day.  Conferences 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 14…STEAM
  • Friday, March 15…MUSIC, Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast (and other yummy treats), Wear fun socks!
  • March 29 – April 5…NO SCHOOL
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Thursday and Friday…


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We will be wearing clothing with words on them

Thursday, March 7.

Friday, March 8 will be an all-school P.J. day. 

The Kinders can bring a cuddle buddy, small pillow or blanket to cuddle up with as we read through our day.   

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Heart Challenge


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Dear Parents,
We are SO CLOSE to meeting our needed sign up to get $500 worth of PE EQUIPMENT!  We just need 26 more kids…that is one student per class.  This does not involve money — it simply involves registering and committing to taking care of your heart through exercise and diet.
WE CAN DO IT!  Just 26 more kids and we have $500 worth of new PE equipment for everyone to use!
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Weekly Update


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2/25 – 3/1

March is Reading Month!  During the month of March, we will be having some fun snacks inspired by books.  I am looking for some donations for these fun snacks.  A link is listed below.  Also, I am looking for 2 breakfast helpers for a fun Reading celebration Breakfast on Friday, March 15 from 9:30-10:30 a.m ish.  These spots are also on the sing up link below.  If you have any questions please email me at jstutz1@hpseagles.net.


Popcorn Words:  had, bad

Math:  This week we explored number sentences, teen numbers, partners and story problems.  The kindergartners started our week by cutting apart and matching cards that showed two ways to create a teen number sentence.  They really are becoming so aware of number patterns and developing their number awareness.  We also had fun working with our Math partners playing a “break apart” game.  Our break apart game helps us decompose numbers and strengthen our concept of adding and subtracting.  Using whiteboards we practiced “talking Math.”  We told story problems and noticed words like total, add, altogether mean we are going to be solving an addition story problem.  Also, noticing that subtraction story problems have words like difference, minus or how many left over.  Friday was a “yummy” math experience!  In celebration of Dr. Seuss day, the Kindergartners counted and tallied rainbow goldfish.  They loved this Friday fish fun math activity!

Literacy:  The Kindergartners are really growing in developing their reading superpowers!  During our literacy time each day they work independently and in small groups.  This week each Kindergartner was able to join a “book club.”  They are working in these groups with me using a book that is at their instructional level.  Instructional level books are one level above what they can read independently.  The Kinders were sooo excited to start these small groups.  They are really showing their love for books!

Writers Workshop:  We have continued to practice our small moment story writing this week.  Working hard on telling a true story across our fingers, playing it in our mind like a movie, sketching it, adding words and going back to add details and labels.  We will work on adding feelings to these stories next week.  The Kindergartners stamina for writing has grown so much!  It has been so amazing to watch them develop as writers!

Readers Workshop:  This week we worked on remembering what we read.  The kindergartners retold stories to friends and even explored a “shape-go-map” that helps us remember and retell a story.  We read the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and used our Shape-Go-Map to recall what the story was about.  The Kindergartners are developing this skill as their reading level grows.  We also recalled as readers we always start our reading with looking at the first letter in a word and that really helps us start our thinking of what the word might be.  We created a class book with each Kinder creating a page in our own ABC book.  The Kinders wrote and illustrated a page with a given letter.  I can’t wait to share this book at conference time.

Star Student:  We started another round of a star student activity.  Each Kinder will get a turn to be a “Book Lover” star student.  They will bring in a favorite book and we will get to read it during our snack time.  We have really enjoyed getting to see and hear a couple of our friend’s favorite books.  

We laughed so hard at Bryson’s book, Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman.

We LOVED Colton’s Pop-Up: A Journey through the Lego Universe and The Little Shop of Monsters by R.L. Stine.

LOTS of laughing at Brooklyn’s Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley and Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird

Dr. Seuss Day:  We had a lot of fun on Dr. Seuss Day!  To see the Kinders come all dressed in their Dr. Seuss-ish outfits was absolutely adorable!  We had a special visit from our 5th-grade buddies.  They read us a Dr. Seuss book and munched on “Truffula seeds” (Trix cereal).  A snack inspired by the whimsical trees in Dr. Seuss’ books.  What a fun day!  It was an awesome way to kick start March reading month!

Mystery Readers:

  • Friday Weston was absolutely THRILLED to see his Mom and little brother walk through our door to be our Mystery Readers!  Mrs. Rosema read us a family favorite Stop That Pickle! by Peter Armour.  A hilarious book about a runaway pickle!  She also read us another character favorite in our classroom, Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London.  An adorable story about Froggy who should be hibernating but wants to play outside.  By the time he gets ALL of his gear on he is too tired to play.  Thank you for being our Mystery Readers, Mrs. Rosema and Brantley!!

  • Chase was so EXCITED to see his Mom and little sister arrive as our Mystery Readers on Friday afternoon.  Mrs. Hersberger read us another character favorite in our classroom, The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! by Mo Willems.  An adorable tale about an outwitted Pigeon who reluctantly shares his hot dog with a duckling.  Thank you for visiting with us, Mrs. Hersberger and Ada!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Saturday, March 2…Chase’s B-Day!!!
  • Monday, March 4…LIBRARY, MUSIC, Library Books Due.
  • Tuesday, March 5…GYM,  Take Home Books.
  • Wednesday, March 6…ART, Mrs. Stutz gone in the afternoon (Ms. Fredricks-a familiar face-substitute teacher).
  • Thursday, March 7…STEAM, Take Home Books, Jet’s Pizza Night, Wear Clothing with Words on it….this is changed from our March calendar due to the All School P.J. Day on Friday.
  • Friday, March 8…STEAM, Early Release – 12:15 p.m. Dismissal, All School P.J. Day
  • Saturday, March 9…Boys Event @ BAM 1:00-4:00 p.m.
  • March 11, 13…Spring Conferences
  • March 13…Our class Book Fair Buy Day….please send in money today along with your child’s wishlist if you plan for them to buy today.
  • March 13…Avery’s B-Day!!!
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Dr. Seuss Day!


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In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday our class will be dressing in anything Dr. Seuss-ish
Friday, March 1
Wear your favorite Dr. Seuss inspired outfit.  Don’t have anything Dr. Seuss-ish? 
Then wear black, red and white, colors of the famous character Cat in the hat.
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