Communication this year


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I will be communicating through email this year.  Look for an email soon for information about our classroom.

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Last Week of Kindergarten…


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June 2 – 5

Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing your Kinder with me this year!  It has been such a pleasure to be part of their educational journey!!  They will FOREVER be a Kindergartener to me!!  

Oh, what fun we had this last week together!  We counted down our last days with a fun activity each day.

Mad Scientist Day:  We had so much fun being Mad Scientists on Tuesday!  The Kinders learned a little about the famous scientist, Albert Einstein.  They also enjoyed a few experiments:

  • Walking Water
  • Dancing Gummie Worms
  • Exploding Soda
  • Leakproof Bag 
  • Mixing Colors


Olympic Day Fun:  We had a FABULOUS morning for our Olympics!!  There were LOTS of pictures taken.  Check out the link for photos:  Kindergarten Olympics 2021 .  The Kinders LOVED playing:

  • Javelin Throw
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Water Relay
  • Obstacle Course
  • Flyswatter Soccer

Buckets of fun and Bubble Gum:  Chewing gum in school?  YES!!  The Kinders LOVED being able to try some bubble gum.  We discovered answers to questions like: Do you like bubble gum?  Can you blow a bubble?  We had some pretty talented Kinders in our class!  The Kinders also got a Bucket of fun from me.  They loved looking through the bucket and discovering their Memory Books with photos, bubbles, pictures of what they want to be, chalk, sunglasses, and a book.  I hope they enjoy their gift!

Chalking up a GREAT year with friends:  The Kinders LOVED being able to spend some time with their 5th-grade buddies!  We had some fun chalk time and popsicles with them! 

Happy Birthday:  We celebrated Gage’s birthday this week!  Wishing Gage a very happy birthday in July!!!

Summer Calendar of Learning:  Your Kinder brought home their white binder from Literacy time.  Inside this binder is a Summer Learning Calendar for you to use if you would like to do so.  

Thank you again!  For your continued support and teamwork during a year of COVID and protocol that was anything but normal.  I truly appreciate all of your donations, patience, and trust in me to be part of your Kinders journey.  Be sure to reach out if you ever have any questions or want to share an update! Happy Summer!! 


Mrs. Stutz


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Olympics Reminders…


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Just a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2 our Kinders will be having a morning of Olympic fun!  It looks like the weather is going to cooperate! Thank you all for the donations and supplies!!  We can’t wait to make this a fun memory for your Kinder!! Here are a few things to remember for tomorrow:

  • Dress your Kinder in clothes and shoes they can run and play in.  *Gym shoes at school can be used!
  • Be sure to send in a water bottle for your Kinder.
  • Send in 1 snack for the a.m.  We will enjoy a donated Olympic-themed snack in the p.m. 
  • Check your Kinders extra clothes bag…one of our events may be a little wet…shhhhh
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Weekly Update…


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May 24 – 28

This week the Kinders learned all about an American Symbol each day of the week.  They learned about these symbols with:

  • Reading or listening to a book about the American symbol.
  • Making a craft of the American symbol.
  • Completing a math activity.
  • Finding popcorn words.

Statue of Liberty:  

The American Bald Eagle:

The Liberty Bell:

The White House:

The American Flag:  The Kinders LOVED visiting our flagpole in front of the school to see our Flag.  They also loved making their own flags!  We did a directed drawing activity of how to draw a flag as well, I unfortunately did not get photos of this activity : ( .

Red, White and Blue Day:  We had a YUMMY ice cream treat to celebrate red, white and blue day!

Star Students of the Week:

Connor Y. LOVED hanging with Buttons for the day!

Makenna had a BLAST with Buttons!

Caroline was THRILLED to have Buttons for the day!

Butterflies:  The Kinders LOVED setting our Butterflies free!  It was so fun to watch them grow, make their cocoons and blossom into beautiful butterflies.

Celebrating the 2021 HHS Graduates:  The Kinders LOVED watching the 2021 HHS graduates walk by the school.  They learned that Mrs. Baker, a Kindergarten teacher at GES, has a son, Zac who graduated this year!!  They made signs celebrating Zac and had lots of fun cheering for all of the graduates that we got to see!

Pizza Lunch:  It was AWESOME to have a Pizza Lunch together on Friday!  Thank you for donating veggies, fruit, juice and dessert for us to enjoy!  The Kinders LOVED this special treat!!

End of year tidbits:  End of year Report Cards will be mailed home on June 11.  Typically your child’s next year teacher is on this report card.  This year the district will be waiting to give this information until later in the summer.  

Last week of Kindergarten Dates:

  • Monday, May 31NO SCHOOL, MEMORIAL DAY 
  • Tuesday, June 1…STEAM
  • Wednesday, June 2Kindergarten Olympics (thank you for donating supplies & games), MUSIC.
  • Thursday, June 3…GYM
  • Friday, June 4…recess special, Last day of school!  EARLY RELEASE @ 12:15 p.m.
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Pizza Lunch…


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Just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday, May 28 our class will be having a Jet’s Pizza Lunch.  Thank you for the donations of fruit, veggies, juice boxes, and dessert! If your Kinder would rather have one of the hot lunch choices they are able to have that instead.  We will all have lunch in our classroom together!!  

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Oh The Places They Will Go…


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As part of the Kinders last STEAM class lesson, each student shared a place they would like to go if they could go anywhere in the world.  They used the green screen to make a video showcasing their choices.  I hope you enjoy their video:

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Kindergarten Olympics


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The Kindergarten teachers are planning to have a “modified” Kindergarten Olympics for your amazing Kinders!  We are looking for some help with making this time “extra special” for your Kinders.  If you are interested and would like to donate to our Kindergarten Olympics please check out our Olympics Sign Up link:

  Kindergarten Olympics.


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Weekly Update…


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May 17 – 21

Math:  This week the Kinders took their final Math test of the year!  We wrapped up our study of Unit 5 in our Math curriculum.  These tests will come home next week.

Writers Workshop:  We continued to think of, tell and write small moment stories.  The Kinders are really doing a FABULOUS job of developing as writers!!

Readers Workshop: The Kinders LOVED retelling books that we have read by acting them out.  We had lots of fun acting out  The Pigeon Is Hungry based on books by Mo Willems and Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall.  Each Kinder was able to practice being an audience member and actor/actress (if they wanted too).  It was fun to see them play this during Free Time as well!  We have some budding actors and actresses in this class!!!  The Kinders also worked on their reading stamina, reaching 15 minutes of reading…wohooo!!  

Star Students of the week:

Gage had a BLAST taking care of Buttons for the day!

Sam was THRILLED to get Buttons in his sports jersey for the day!

Ruby had LOTS of fun playing with Buttons at Free Time!

Kyla gave Buttons GREAT cuddles all day!


Caterpillars:  The Kinders have LOVED watching and waiting for our classroom caterpillars to leave their cocoons.  We made our own caterpillar crafts on our fast Friday.

Mystery Reader:  Kyla was SO EXCITED to see her big brother, Kayden, a fifth grader here at Georgetown, walk in as our Mystery Reader!!  Kayden read us the book, Be Positive! by Cheri J. Meiners.  Thanks for reading and visiting with us Kayden!

Classroom Pizza Party Lunch:  Thank you to all of those who ordered Jets Pizza!  Our class won a Pizza Party Lunch!!! Wohooooo!!  We will our Pizza Party Lunch on Friday, May 28.  Your Kinder will get 2 pieces of pizza, a juice box, veggie, and fruit choice.  If your Kinder would prefer to order a school lunch on Friday they are still able to do so.  As always home lunch is an option too.  If you are interested in donating any of the following supplies (22 students) for our pizza party let me know at  I would love to have donations to school by the morning of Friday, May 28:

  • drink
  • veggie choice 
  • fruit choice
  • dessert
  • paper plates
  • napkins

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 24…ART, Take Home Book Baggies Due (This will end our Take Home Book program-thanks for helping your kinder grow in their reading!).
  • Tuesday, May 25…STEAM
  • Wednesday, May 26…MUSIC
  • Thursday, May 27…GYM
  • Friday, May 28…ART, Class Pizza Party Lunch, Wear Red, White & Blue today.
  • Monday, May 31…NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympic Fun Day! Details coming soon!

Thanks for the yummy popsicle treat Mrs. Carter!


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Word Wear!


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Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday, May 21)

we are celebrating our amazing reading progress

by wearing shirts or clothing with words on it.  

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Weekly Update…


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May 10 – 14

Popcorn Words:  today, play, away, up

Math:  This week the Kinders practiced solving addition and subtraction number sentences.  They also dug deeper into teen numbers.  Building teen number sentences and finding missing partners.  The Kinders also compared numbers, finding numbers that were greater than, less than, and equal to one another.  We also compared objects by length, height and weight.  The Kinders loved finding friends that were taller or shorter than them.  

Literacy/Phonics:  The Kinders worked hard during our Literacy Center time this week on independent and group work.  They worked on building CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words, finding sight words, writing journal pages, stretching sounds and working in small groups to build reading skills.

Writers Workshop:  We worked hard on continuing to build on our Small Moment writing skills.  The Kinders started the week with first telling a story as a whole class and writing it on the white board.  Then the Kinders worked independently for the rest of the week on writing their own small moment story.  The Kinders are really growing on their writing ability.  First, they come up with an idea to write about, something that happened to them, a true story.  Then they draw and write their story over 3 pages.  It has been awesome to see them get excited about writing!!  There have been many days that they don’t want to stop writing!!  We have some avid writers in this class!!!

Readers Workshop:  The Kinders dove deeper into learning more about making connection to characters in books this week.  After hearing fiction books the kinders explored questions like Has that ever happened to me?  Have I ever done that before? Does it remind me of anything?  We also explored the similarities and differences among the main characters in books.  We looked at the same character in different books.  Asking how is the main character the same in this books?  How is the main character different in these books?  We also noticed that characters can remind us of other character in books.  Like in the book, I Was So Mad and Froggy’s Worst Playdate both of the main characters were upset.  We are having a lot of fun reading and asking questions that help us make connections to characters.  The Kinders are also working on their reading stamina.  How long can they read books without stopping?  We made it this week up to 11 minutes!  GREAT JOB KINDERS!!!

Sports Day Fun:  The Kinders earned a fun day for earning 10 Superstars for their awesome superstar behavior!! They voted and we had a fun-filled day full of Sports theme activities!! The Kinders had a blast with their flashlights and sports day fun!

  • Introduced our class with a fun sports intro for the day: Sports Day Introductions Fun!  
  • Read and found sight words in a book, I Like to Play.
  • Bowling pin math with gumballs
  • Making our own pennants.
  • Playing several sports, golf, obstacle course, target throwing, football together.
  • Making our own sports bracelet.

Mystery Readers:

  • Mackenzie C. was THRILLED to see her big brother, Ashton, walk in as our Mystery Reader!  Ashton, a third grader here at Georgetown, and former K student of mine, read us the book, What the Dinosaurs Did at School by Refe & Susan Tuma.  Thank you so much for reading to us Ashton! 

  • Sam was EXCITED to see his Dad “zoom in” as our Mystery Reader!  Mr. Triemstra and Sam’s little brother, Jack, read us the book, Lego City:  Mystery of on the Lego Express.  Thank you for zooming in Mr. Triemstra!  The Kinders loved hearing this mystery!!

  • Kalysta was SO SURPRISED to see her Aunt Holly “zoom in” to be our Mystery Reader!  Aunt Holly read us the book, Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.  Thank you for zooming in with us Aunt Holly!!

Superstar Students of the week:

Reagan LOVED having Buttons to cuddle with on Sports Day!

Connor S. had a BLAST with Buttons for the day!

Aryana was THRILLED to snuggle with Buttons for the day!

Nora was ALL SMILES with Buttons for the day!

Ethan was EXCITED for his day with Buttons!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, May 17…ART, LIBRARY, Take Home Books Due.  Help your Kinder return their library books and Take Home Book Bag.  This will be our last week for Take Home Books!  
  • Tuesday, May 18…STEAM
  • Wednesday, May 19…MUSIC
  • Thursday, May 20…GYM
  • Friday, May 21…GYM, Early Release – 12:15 p.m. dismissal.  Celebrate reading by wearing a clothing with a destination – Michigan destinations, or elsewhere!
  • Monday, May 31…NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day!
  • Wednesday, June 2…Kindergarten Olympics-We will be having a covid style Kindergarten Olympics morning!  More details coming soon.
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